Ocarina of Time Randomizer - Weekly Races

Hey everyone!
Starting August 17th, ZSR will host the new Ocarina of Time Item Randomizer weekly races on our twitch channel,!

Featuring many members of the OoT Community and people from other randomizers, these races are a great showcase for the actionpacking randomizer that is ZOoTR!

We will have two races a week:

  • ZOoTR All Medallions No Major Glitches: every friday, 7PM EST | 11 PM UTC

  • ZOoTR All Medallions Accessible: every saturday, 7PM EST | 11 PM UTC

For more information about the rulesets and setup instructions, check out the Randomizer Discord at

To be able to supply all races with decent coverage, tracking and commentators, we are still looking for volunteers! If you are interested in helping with the races, please contact TreZc0_#7481 on Discord.

Until then, happy speedrunning!