Ocarina of Time Randomizer Tournament

The Ocarina of Time Randomizer community and ZeldaSpeedRuns are happy to announce the first OoT Randomizer tournament!

The tournament will feature a qualifying stage and a bracket stage. Many of the matches, including all qualifiers, will be streamed live on our Twitch channel:

There will be a prize pool for the winning runner with more details on this coming out at a later stage.

Rules and Settings

We will be using the “Accessible” ruleset. If you don’t know what that means, please check here:

Tournament races will use the same settings as the Accessible weekly races, which are as follows:

All Medallions

  • Fast Ganon (0 Trials, No Boss Key, No Tower Collapse)
  • Big Poe Reward requires 1 Big Poe
  • Mask of Truth reward is turned off
  • Gossip Stone hints require the Stone of Agony
  • Maps and Compasses: Off
  • Bombchus in logic: Off
  • Lens of Truth: Required everywhere

Settings are also pinned in the “Training Ground” and “Weekly Races” channels of the OoTR Discord:
Emulators are allowed. However, if you use an emulator, you need to enable frame and input display if available, otherwise you must capture the entire emulator window.


There will be NO sign-up necessary to enter qualifiers.

The current Accessible weekly races (7:00 PM EST/EDT | 11:00 PM UTC) will act as the qualifiers for the bracket portion of the tournament. If you’d like to participate in the tournament, simply enter the weekly races!
The weekly races are hosted on SpeedRunsLive - if you want to join, use the SRL IRC Client. Alternatively you can sign up via the LiveSplit client. An SRL account is needed to participate in the races, streaming is required.

The first qualifying race will take place during the weekly race on August 25, and every following weekly race will act as a qualifier. If you do not wish to enter the tournament, you can still freely participate in the all of the weekly races.

The qualifying stage will act as follows:

  • There will be 8 total races, players can participate in as many as they want
  • There is no minimum amount of races that a player must enter to qualify
  • Only your top 4 highest scores will count toward your final point value
  • Any additional point values from extra races will be removed

Players will gain points based on their performance and the amount of players within the race, using the following formula:

[(total players - race rank) / (total players - 1)] x 1000 = points
ex: [(46 players - 5th place) / (46 players - 1)] x 1000 = 911 points

Players who forfeit a race will receive 0 points.

The current standings can be found on our Standings Page

Tournament Stage

At the end of the 8 qualifier races, the top 16 players based on point values will qualify for the tournament stage. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest individual point value from any race will win the tiebreaker. If it is still tied, the second highest race will be considered, and so on.

  • Players will face off in 1v1 races
  • Players will be seeded based on rank (ex: 1v16, 2v15, 3v14…)
  • Double elimination bracket

If you do not wish to participate in the tournament stage for any reason, please inform a mod on the OoTR Discord as early as possible to prevent seeding you into the bracket. It will be assumed that every player would like to participate in the tournament stage until the player says otherwise.

Weekly races will continue as normal when the tournament is taking place, but there will be even more races to look forward to on the ZeldaSpeedRuns channel during the tournament stage.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming races!