AGDQ Community Donation

Hello everyone, I'd like to formerly announce the start to the community based donation, ZSR plans on giving to GDQ during the finale run of AGDQ 2018. The run is Breath of The Wild run by atz, so I thought it would be an excellent idea to wish atz luck and donate a big contribution from our awesome community together.

This is entirely voluntary and no one has to contribute to this, although anything would be super appreciated, since it's all going to the charity GDQ is hosting for anyway. Nevertheless, everything from this point on, until the final day of AGDQ at noon EDT (GDQ timezone) will be put towards this.

The plan for those of you who want to show your support to the runner can send any or to multiple of the ZSR Staff in this Discord server a message for the runner. At the time of sending all of the contributions to GDQ and to tell the runner good luck, we will summarize a message from everyone (so it isn't insanely long) and donate it with the message.

For anyone who decides to contribute our plan is to take screenshots of each contribution, along with any sort of communication we have with each person that does and post the screenshots on a public page that we will keep updated throughout the duration.

You can find the link to contribute at the top of ZeldaSpeedRuns, listed as "Donate" with the Green Rupee.

Anyone who decides to contribute to this, you're awesome and you deserve a gold star. Anyone who doesn't contribute are still awesome individual(s). Glad to be apart of the ZSR community. Much love y'all, Bokoblins.