Forced Item Drops

Work in progress

There are 2 counters in this game that determine what items are dropped while killing enemies. The first, the regular kill counter, cycles from 0-9 and these values are fixed. The second, is the consecutive kill counter.

From the time Link gets hit by an enemy or the whirlwind from the recorder, the consecutive counter is reset to 0. Each kill or "kill sound" (explained later) recorded in the game will increment the counter by 1. On the 10th kill, the manner in which the item-dropping enemy is killed will determine the drop. If the 10th enemy is killed with a bomb, the enemy will drop a bomb. If killed with anything else, the enemy will drop a 5 rupee. This does not apply to non-item-dropping enemies. If the 10th enemy is a non-item-dropping enemy and is killed with a bomb, as long as Link is not hit, the next item-dropping enemy will drop a bomb (killed with bomb or not).

Example: Link is hit by an enemy. Link then kills 8 keese and one darknut. Link bombs the last darknut, forcing a bomb drop.

The next forced item drop is at 16. If an item-dropping enemy is the 16th kill, the enemy will drop a fairy. From this point on, Link cannot force a fairy drop until he gets hit again. 5 Rupees and bombs may be forced at 26, 36, 46 etc.

If a non-item-dropping enemy is killed at 16, the fairy will be skipped and the next forced drop will be at 20, 30, 40, etc.

Last updated 02/15/2015 – LackAttack24