Level 3

The first dungeon to visit in Any% after screen scrolling from start.

  1. After entering, go left.
  2. Collect key in Zol room, fight nothing.
  3. Pass through 2nd Zol room, attacking those in your way.
  4. Assuming you have killed no enemies up to this point, the first red darknut has a chance to drop a bomb. Kill the first. If a bomb drops, go left. If not, kill the remaining 2 to pick up a bomb from the room drop.
  5. Go left across the keese/trap room. Your consecutive kill counter should be at 3 leaving this room.
  6. Go up through the darknut room, avoiding them.
  7. Kill the middle keese, collect the key, and go back down.
  8. The darknuts will be along the bottom of the room. Walk down to drop a bomb on the 2nd row from the bottom, then retreat. Continue killing darknuts with/without bombs until they are all gone, then go down. At this point with no hits, your consecutive kill counter will be at 9. This means the next enemy will be a forced drop: a 5 rupee if killed without a bomb, or a bomb if killed by a bomb.
  9. Walk into the room and place a bomb between the 2nd and 3rd row from the top. This should kill at least one darknut, netting you a bomb drop. Go down the stairs to collect the raft.
  10. Go up, right, right.
  11. Bomb through the wall to the right.
  12. Go up.
  13. Bomb through the wall to the right.
  14. If no extra rooms have been visited, Manhandla will spawn in the top left corner. He moves randomly. Kill him with bombs and collect heart container.
  15. Go up to claim Triforce #1.
Last updated 02/16/2015 – LackAttack24