Any% ACE

Any% ACE aims to complete the game with no restrictions, along with the ability to use arbitrary code execution (ACE).

Setting up the filenames

LADX ACE filenames

These are the filenames required for ACE. You can only enter the values needed on the Japanese version

Any% ACE

  • Wake up and talk to Tarin to get the shield. Leave the house and head towards the beach to get the sword.

  • Kill only 3 enemies as you make it back towards the two kids. Talk to the kid on the right and cancel his text with B.

  • Enter the doghouse from behind triggering the "Doghouse Glitch" or wrong warp.

  • Hold up-left as you enter the Doghouse. Link should transition one screen to the left and one up.

  • Walk right until the first "torch" pattern on the lower wall. Walk down onto this tile and transition.

  • Walk down-right until Link is horizontally aligned with the centre of the 6 raised blocks (between the 3rd and 4th), then just hold down. Continue holding down through the next screen until you transition

  • Buffer the Save & Quit menu as you transition to the next screen. Link should be dragged to the right. Transition to the right.

  • Walk horizontally until Link is vertically aligned with the key door. Transition down and charge a spin slash.

  • Kill the 1st enemy on this screen, but not any of the others. Walk left until you reach the 2nd leftmost tile on the screen. Walk down for two tiles and then walk right one tile. Walk down until you reach the 2nd tile from the bottom and then transition right.

  • Any time in this room, open and close the pause menu. Continue holding right and transition.

  • Kill all 3 enemies in this room and open the chest. Link should be warped to the credits

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