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A Back in Time Warp (BiTWarp) is a glitch that changes your coordinates in the Area you save in. This allows for limited teleportation across Area maps.

How To

To perform a BiTWarp:

  • Save your file in the Area you want to teleport in; the specific statue you save at does not matter, only the Area matters.
  • Activate BiT.
  • Move to a statue in BiT Skyloft.
  • Select the statue and the file you want to BiTWarp on simultaneously.
  • Save and Start simultaneously (with a single button press). The easiest way to do this is to press right on the nunchuk joystick.

The game will update the loaded file's XYZ coordinates to those you were at in BiT Skyloft, but everything else about the file remains unchanged, including the Area the file was on before activating BiT. Thus when your file loads, you will be in the same Area at a different location.

Since your coordinates are changed to those you were at in BiT Skyloft, it matters which Skyloft statue you BiTWarp with. In addition, your XYZ coordinates are exact, so your position relative to the statue you save at will also change where you teleport to on your original Area map.

In addition, keep in mind that BiTWarp usually results in a Partially Loaded or Unloaded room. If the room is partially loaded, re-entering the room or saving and reloading the file will load the room properly.

Spawn Locations

A BiTWarp changes your spawn locations in the same way a BiTSave does. Your save location is set to BiT Skyloft, while your respawn location remains at the statue you saved at before BiTWarping. This makes it possible to undo an unintentional BiTWarp. If you kill Link without saving or entering a new Area, you will respawn where you saved before you BiTWarped.

Also, if you quit and reload your file, you will end up in BiT Skyloft, but your respawn location will still be where you saved before the BiTWarp. So dying and continuing will respawn you in that location.

Warp Locations

There are 4 statues on Skyloft that you can use for BiTWarps.

  • Lower Academy
  • Upper Academy
  • Bazaar
  • Waterfall Cave

The Waterfall Cave statue is hard to get to and is very low, thus will always place Link Out of Bounds (OoB). It will therefore be omitted from this list.

Note: The state the area is in does not affect the outcome. So a BiTWarp in Faron Woods is the same when it is flooded.

The Sky

From AreaUpper AcademyLower AcademyBazaar
Isle of SongsOoBOoBOoB
SkyloftUpper AcademyLower Academy Bazaar
Sky KeepSee belowSee belowSee below

Faron Province

From AreaUpper AcademyLower AcademyBaazar
Ancient Cistern CeilingOoBOoBMain Room
Ancient Cistern BasementOoBOoBUnloaded main room
Ancient Cistern MainOoBOoBMain Room
Deep WoodsOoBBehind SkyviewOoB
Faron WoodsTree near ErlaTree near ErlaNear the Kikwi Elder
Hylia's RealmOoBOoBOoB
Lake FloriaNext to Waterfall StatueOoBOoB
Behind Sealed TempleOoBOoBOoB
Sealed GroundsOoBOoBOoB
Sealed TempleOoBOoBOoB
Skyview TempleLarge Circular RoomOoBOoB / Invisible water

Eldin Province

From AreaUpper AcademyLower AcademyBaazar
Digging Mitts CaveOoBOoBOoB
Earth TempleOoBOoBOoB
Eldin VolcanoOoBOoBDigging Mitts Cave
Fire Sanctuary AUnloaded Bridge RoomUnloaded Lava River RoomOoB
Fire Sanctuary BBridge RoomLava River RoomOoB
Inside the VolcanoOoBOoBNear Eldin Volcano entry
Outside the Fire SanctuaryOn top of towerOoBOoB

Lanayru Province

From AreaUpper AcademyLower AcademyBaazar
Lanayru DesertNorthern DesertNorthern DesertSinksand or on LMF
Lanayru GorgeOn top of CliffOn top of Cliff near clawshot targetsBy Thunder Dragon
Lanayru Mining Facility AUnloaded RoomOoBOoB
Lanayru Mining Facility BOther side of GateOoBOoB
Lanayru MinesOn top of CliffOoBOoB
Pirate StrongholdNear exit door with clawshot targetQuick sand / OoBQuick sand / OoB
Sand Sea HarborOn a cliff OoBOn a cliff OoBCenter of the Harbor
Sandship BasementOoBOoBUnloaded Boss Key Room
Sandship DeckOoBOoBUnloaded Boss Key Room
Sandship HullOoBOoBUnloaded Boss Key Room
Skipper's RetreatOoBOoBOoB
Temple of TimePartially-Loaded DesertPartially-Loaded DesertPartially-Loaded Desert

BiTWarps in Sky Keep

BiTWarps alter Link's coordinates based off of the Map's Origin. In Sky Keep, you can only leave the dungeon normally in two ways: either you use a bird statue to leave or you use the Origin room's south exit. The Origin room is the south middle room with the Dungeon Map chest. Re-entering the dungeon resets the dungeon layout, and you enter the Origin room.

However, if you leave the dungeon using a BiTSave instead, the game thinks the room you did the BiTSave from was the Origin room, since it's supposed to only be possible to leave from there. That means when you re-enter the dungeon, the layout will be reset, but you'll enter the room you BiTSaved from. In addition, the Origin room of the map is changed to the new Origin room that you BiTSaved from. This means that if you perform a BiTWarp, Link will be moved based on this new Origin room.

Unfortunately, there are no known useful BiTWarps, even with the many possible origin shifts. Also, while it is possible to beat the dungeon after shifting the Origin to the Lanayru Mining Facility room, it is not faster.

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