RNG Manipulations

In the Oracle games, the RNG seed is the same every time after a hard reset and gets advanced every frame on the title screen, the screen with the "press start" text.

After entering the game, the RNG seed only advances after set activities: slashing sword calls the RNG once, digging calls it once if nothing is dug up and twice if something is dug up, enemies call it once whenever they need to make a move, and screen transitions call it 256 times.

Using this, RNG can be manipulated to get whatever enemy pattern, Gasha nut or item from digging that is needed.

Green Ring Manipulation

The Green Ring allows for more damage given and less damage taken. This makes it a very good safety strategy.

You need two gasha seeds to make this work. You get #1 during D2 from the chest outside. The second you pick up from the underground on the way to Spring. After that you get the ring after D6.

  1. During D2, open the chest while outside for seed #1
  2. After D2 on the way to Blanio, plant the seed in the plot below D1
  3. On the way to Spring, in the Subrosia underground, grab seed #2
  4. After D4 when you gale to scent tree, go down and harvest tree #1 and continue like normal
  5. In Tarm Ruins, dig up the seed plot while digging snow, it's the 4th row down and is right after the last snow pile.
  6. Plant seed #2
  7. Killing enough enemies in D6 shouldn't be a problem, as long as you kill some ropes and keese along the way
  8. After beating D6, S&Q and hard reset outside, move to tree (right, jump down, down, right)
  9. Maple needs to be on the 3rd screen to keep RNG consistant
  10. Dig until you get a red rupee, then swing your sword 5 times then harvest 10a. If you didn't kill enough enemies, you MUST reset and go back into D6 and kill some keese, Maple needs to stay
  11. Appraise ring when you warp to town
Last updated 05/10/2015 – qdoe