Rules for ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018


  1. All submissions need to be done before the cutoff date otherwise they will not be considered.

  2. If you wish to have any incentives for your run i.e, filename, different route, etc please list them in your submission so we can add it accordingly.

  3. A majority of runs MUST be done on console, games that allow emulator runs for leaderboard submission will be allowed to be ran on emulator.

  4. Streaming is required!

  5. Your run must start when designated to.

  6. Do not start until designated to.

  7. Right before the run ends, inform the restreamer in the voice channel and call the end of the run by saying “Time!”.

  8. Your stream should be up ~20 minutes prior to your run time.

  9. You may stream however you would like to; meaning splits, facecam, etc. - the actual gamefeed needs to be on top though and without anything above it, fullscreen and attached to the right side of the stream.

    • Keep in mind your stream will be restreamed so it may difficult for others to see exactly what is going on if the gamefeed is too small.
    • We will provide a template for multi screen layouts (such as DS and 3DS).
  10. Please make sure the game is not stretched (4:3, 16:9 or the old Gameboy Aspect ratios)

  11. Do not enable microphone on your stream and turn off Follower alerts or similar audio so your stream puts out the pure ingame audio.

    • If you use (Discord) screen sharing for the commentators, the audio setup will be changed and you will be broadcasting your audio and the commentators' audio.
  12. You should be in the VC (voice channel) during the setup block before your run.

    • At the end of your run you should leave the specified voice channel within the setup block.
  13. If you cannot participate after being selected please let the event organizers know as soon as possible.

    • This goes for any issue you find out after being selected.

    • Before dropping from participating you must find a suitable replacement. Otherwise you will no longer be considered for future community events.


  1. Each game will be limited to 3 commentators.

    • Runners will be granted a commentator spot even if there is already 3.
  2. You may only join the designated voice channels when it is time for you to start helping with commentary.

    • If you join a designated voice channel prior to your time, you will be dropped from the commentary channel immediately.
  3. Commentators should join the specified voice channel prior to the run being started.

    • Once the run is concluded you should leave the designated voice channel within the setup block.
  4. If anything overly inappropriate is said during your commentary you will be immediately removed from the voice channel and no longer considered for future events.

    • Ex: Racism, Sexism, derogatory or demeaning terms.
  5. We decided to be more lenient with swearing, it was brought to our attention during ZSRM 2017 that we were a little strict with this.

    • No, this does not mean go into commentary swearing every other word. Please refrain from being overly vulgar we still want people to enjoy the experience.