Twilight Princess - 100%

7:59:36 by IshunSenGeki (13th place)

This run has not been verified.

First, I'd like to thank ZSR and all its community. Even though I didn't signed up until now (I rarely do subscribe at anything...), I learned a lot from all you guys and you helped me achieve a sub 8H 100% I know nothing to brag about :)
BUT the new route being about to be seen, I wanted to share it on ZSR.
Unfortunately, having no recording material, I have no video about it. Only a save file made just after the Squidna's cutscene in HC (cause I knew this was the run, so I wanted to keep some kind of trace and made this extra save). It indicates 7,37 ingame time, which lead to 7H 58mn 36s, adding the RTA delay and HC part, on the timer I used for this run.
I really love this game and wanted to get those sub 8H, challenging myself,
To be fair with Magnum66 who has a video proof, I'd like to add 1mn to my time, up to 7,59,36 so he keeps his place. But I definitely did under 8H.
Anyway, thank you for your great work, allowing this awesome game to be alive 10 years after its release!