The Wind Waker HD - Any%

4:18:14 by Link_the_GOAT (28th place)

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Absolutely disgusted with this run. Was on pace for 4:16 but I completely choked it to PG 1st phase and Ganondorf.

The run was decent up to Master Sword although I failed to 1-cycle Kalle Demos (FailFish) and made a mess of the scale room in TotG (also got trolled by Gohdan whose hands respawned twice and took four extra hits to kill). Second half of the game was sloppy with bigger mistakes in ET (fell all the way down to the bottom at BK skip), WT (failed to land on the door frame for BK early), and, as mentioned before, PG and Ganondorf. SS was first try, didn't go for Cyclos.

ps: I play the Italian version.