Ocarina of Time - GSR

2:24:38 by TyroneTheMoose (283rd place)

This run has been verified.

My first recorded run of Ocarina of Time no RBA/WW. This run was amazing up until Minuet, where I failed the hoverslide to Goron City, which snowballed into a big loss of time (Or a lack of saving time). The next big mistake I made was dying to the mirror shield darknut, which cost 3 minutes. The worst mistake in this run was the Twinrova fight. First phase was incredibly trolley, and I died to phase two by getting hit by an ice attack, which apparently does 3 hearts of damage o.o. I lost nearly 10 minutes in Spirit Temple, so there is lots of room for improvement there. My Ganondorf fight was slow (As usual, I haven't practiced the fight at all yet xD) but I am happy about this run. This is my second completed run and it feels good to get better! :)