Majora's Mask - Any%

1:30:08 by fullgrowngaming (25th place)

Note: fullgrowngaming has submitted a faster time here.

This run has been verified.

This run was bad. No, seriously.

I have probably ~30-40 seconds of time to save before the bow (failed awkward jump in PF and failed like 4 superslides), and LOTS of time after.

I fell down after hookshotting the box at the beginning of Snowhead (35s), Goht ran away from me (~20s), I had a generally terrible Light Arrow split (~20s), a bad STT BK skip (~10s), a bad Twinmold (~30-40s), and I failed the hover into the Clock Tower (~30s).

Basically, sub 1:30 is happening. Sub 1:29 is also happening, and sub 1:28 is an outside possibility.