The Wind Waker HD - Any%

5:50:10 by Cheggjon (66th place)

Note: Cheggjon has submitted a faster time here.

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First time on Spanish
-Prologue was alright
- Forsaken fort was much better than last time but still could have saved more time
-Swift Sail was pretty bad (11th try)
-Everything including Helmrock king skip was much better than last run
-Earth temple was complete trash, should have been -30 but was only - 16 minutes
-Wind temple was better
-The run almost died at the Triforce hunt as the Ghost ship and day time ruined everything (lost about 10 minutes)
-Then once in Ganon's tower for fun I tried the trials and boss re-fight skip for fun...and did it saving the run
Everything else was okay
Happy for my first sub 6!