Ocarina of Time 3D - Any% NG+

0:38:53 by Byak (23rd place)

Note: Byak has submitted a faster time here.

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AMAZING wrong warp, not sure if I will beat that split. The rest of the run was satisfying, though there are a few crucial errors in the run where I lose significant time: Hyrule Castle box skip (~13s); Avoiding the rolling goron (~4s); Not catching the ledge at the first hellfire room (~10s). Also, the climb to the fairy fountain could have been a lot quicker, perhaps saving 20 seconds. There are many other minor mistakes costing seconds here and there. Once I've combined and sorted these errors, I should be hitting sub 38, and will continue attempts until I do so :).

Edit: Run is actually 38:50 due to a timing error before the credits. The split was taken when the credits appeared, not when FW was accepted (last input).