The Legend of Zelda - Any%

0:47:43 by maxx (90th place)

This run has been verified.

This is my first (finished) timed and recorded speedrun of LoZ. I did a pretty beginner-friendly route, getting the Blue Ring, 15 hearts (skipping one container to get Water of Life), the White Sword, and the Letter (which I never used). I only screen scrolled to cross the river to get to 4 (coming from the left) and to skip the Lost Woods. I did 2-1-3-4-5-7-6-8-9 for the dungeons.

I made some dumb mistakes like being 3 rupees short to buy the arrow and forgetting a key early which led to a small detour in 6, but the biggest ways that I can save time are to switch to a better route, play tighter, and go faster. I can still improve a lot in my basic movement and fighting. Hopefully I'll get a better time soon.