Skyward Sword - Any%

4:56:56 by Nimzo (4th place)

This run has been verified.

Major Time Losses:

+9s Pushed down by Bokoblins during Eldin 1
+19s Having to use beetle to hit a time-shift stone in LMF
+7s Bad Faron trial
+15s Bad fairy rng during Skyview 2
+9s 3rd try high-flip and I got a bad swing by Koloktos
+11s Bad Lanayru trial
+11s Bad Moldarach 2
+10s Bad Eldin trial
+7s Mediocre tadtones
+9s Not enough seeds to do an optimization in Bokoblin Base
+18s Bad Skyloft trial
+12s Sloppy horde

I'm mostly happy with this run. but we'll see if I feel like improving.