Breath of the Wild - Any%

0:48:27 by Puppetmaster9 (29th place)

This run has been verified.

Finally in the sub-50 club.

Major mistakes:
- Missed the shield jump at the frozen river and died, losing 45 seconds.
- Second tree launch failed causing me to walk to tree #3. Slab launch trajectory was a bit off and sent me into the pillar. Could easily save a minute and a half.
- Got blasted off the Observatory balcony and died, wasting about 35 seconds.
- Fell off the west battlement of Hyrule Castle and spent 30 seconds getting back up.
- Sloppy end to Calamity Ganon phase 1.
- Had one dropped stunlock on Calamity Ganon. Wasted about 15 seconds.