A Link Between Worlds - Any%

1:31:37 by Majoraman2000 (10th place)

This run has not been verified.

No major mistakes; only minor slip-ups here and there. Only big time save is skipping Blue Mail.

Early Ravio: 4:24
Eastern Palace: 14:25
Flippers: 19:43
House of Gales: 25:36
Master Sword: 33:23
Hyrule Castle: 41:42
Dark Palace: 49:37
Turtle Rock: 54:29
Swamp Palace: 58:48
Desert Palace: 1:00:54
Ice Ruins: 1:05:43
Skull Woods: forgot to split
Thieves' Hideout: 1:22:21
Lorule Castle: 1:25:35
Yuganon: 1:31:37