A Link Between Worlds - Any%

1:21:30 by bunnybie (3rd place)

This run has been verified.

This run is not a 1:21:28.28 as the final split suggests. Because I split approximately 2.76 seconds too early, I had to retime the run. Afterwards, I added an additional second for the sake of fairness and ended up with a 1:21:32.04. Considering that this run is the current Any% world record, I would greatly appreciate if anyone knowledgeable in frame timing/counting could provide an accurate time for this run so that I can get it verified.

EDIT: This run has been frame-to-frame timed and calculated to be 1:21:30.46 so that makes this run a 1:21:30

Swamp Palace was a disaster but the rest of the run was solid. In an earlier run, I was on 1:22 pace but died on Yuganon. This run is over 4 minutes faster than my previous personal best and I skipped a 1:22! :3