The Wind Waker HD - Any%

4:00:29 by Alto Martinez (21st place)

Note: Alto Martinez has submitted a faster time here.

This run has not been verified.

Well, this run was just suppose to be a practice run so I don't have a recording of it. I do have a link to my splits though:

There is also a picture of it on my Twitter:

This run was weird though. 5th try swiftsail, lost about 40 seconds in DRC, lost about 1:40 at FW, didn't do the superswim to Outset, lost about 10 seconds in TotG, lost about 2-3 minutes from superswims from FF2 till entering Earth Temple. Earth Temple was good though and same with Wind Temple. I can save maybe 30 seconds in Wind Temple.
Lost 2-3 minutes from superswims and Ghost Ship not being at the correct location. Cabana Deed Skip was really good. Hyrule 3, Trails Skip, Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf were all really good. Sorry again I don't have a recording of this. Hopefully I can beat it soon. I'll make sure I'm always recording from now on no matter what.