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A Link to the Past

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A Link to the Past

Category Time Version Date Status
No Major Glitches 1:25:46 JP SNES 06/19/2017
No Major Glitches 1:25:59 JP SNES 10/30/2014
No Major Glitches 1:26:48 JP SNES 03/21/2014

Link's Awakening DX

Category Time Version Date Status
Any% (No WW, No OoB) 0:55:08 JP Emulator 09/22/2016
Any% (No WW, No OoB) 1:08:30 JP Emulator 08/06/2014

Breath of the Wild

Category Time Version Amiibo Master Mode Date Status
Any% 0:40:52 Japanese Wii U Yes 06/22/2017
Any% 0:40:59 Japanese Wii U Yes 06/03/2017
Any% 0:41:06 Japanese Wii U Yes 05/13/2017
Any% 0:41:17 Japanese Wii U Yes 05/07/2017
Any% 0:42:46 Japanese Wii U Yes 04/17/2017
Any% 0:43:01 Japanese Wii U Yes 04/14/2017
Any% 0:44:26 Japanese Wii U No 04/09/2017