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The Legend of Zelda

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PrinnyTonic's stream



A Link to the Past

Category Time Version Date Status
No Exploration Glitch 0:48:34 JP Emulator 06/02/2014
No Exploration Glitch 0:49:34 JP Emulator 05/20/2014
No Exploration Glitch 0:51:08 JP Emulator 04/21/2014
No Exploration Glitch 0:55:59 JP Emulator 04/14/2014
No Major Glitches 1:39:07 JP SNES 02/10/2015
No Major Glitches 1:43:05 JP Emulator 02/18/2014
No Major Glitches 1:45:29 JP Emulator 02/17/2014
No Major Glitches 1:47:43 JP Emulator 02/10/2014

Link's Awakening DX

Category Time Version Date Status
Any% (No WW, No OoB, No S+Q) 1:30:37 JP Emulator 02/16/2015