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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

Category Time Version Up+A Date Status
1st Quest 0:35:20 USA NES No 12/13/2015
1st Quest 0:35:45 USA NES No 12/11/2015
1st Quest 0:36:56 USA NES No 11/08/2015
1st Quest 0:41:15 USA NES No 10/27/2015
1st Quest 0:42:56 USA Emulator No 12/31/2014
1st Quest 0:47:20 USA Emulator No 12/17/2014
1st Quest 0:55:42 USA Emulator No 11/30/2014

Ocarina of Time

Category Time Version Date Status
Glitchless 5:08:15 JP Emulator 04/06/2015