Leaderboard Rules

  • Time for speedruns starts when a new file is started. Saving, resetting, and continuing are all allowed (unless stated otherwise), but time will still be counted against you during this. This is commonly known as Real Time Attack (RTA), or Single Segment with savewarps.
  • Time stops in different places based on the game and category, and will be specified on a case-by-case basis.
  • Runs are not limited to the use of a single save file, but any and all files used must be new, empty files. For example, you are allowed to use a second file in Majora's Mask to make a backup save at an owl statue, and you are allowed to use additional files for various Back in Time glitches in Skyward Sword, but these files must be empty/erased before using them in the run.
  • Emulator runs may be allowed for some (but not all) games and categories, but emulator-specific features (such as slowdown, savestates, autofire, and rerecording) are not allowed.
  • Video proof is optional. However, suspect times are subject to deletion (and repeat offenders may be banned). If you compete at a very high level and would like to submit times that are near or better than the listed world record, you should have video proof.
  • In almost all cases, glitches are allowed (and in most cases, strongly encouraged in order to get a good time). If specific glitches are banned from a category, they will be mentioned in the rules for that category.
  • Techniques that involve physical manipulation of a console (such as "crooked cart" in Ocarina of Time or "CD streaming" in Twilight Princess) are banned unless otherwise specified.
  • Likewise, physically modifying a controller to give it new functionality is banned, as is the use of any additional features of an unofficial controller to gain an in-game advantage. For example, turbo controllers and controllers that have been modified to support pressing up and down (or left and right) on the d-pad simultaneously are both banned. However, using a third party controller that you find more comfortable, using a longer analog stick add-on, or removing the springs from the shoulder buttons are all acceptable.
  • You can choose to play any supported region or version of the game, regardless of where you live. For example, European players are permitted to play the Japanese or American versions of a game if they desire. In many cases, some versions will be faster than others (due to different framerates, exclusive glitches, amount of text in a certain language, etc.). Modifying a console in order to play a game from a different region is allowed.