ZSR Marathon 2018 - Gameslist

Thank you for over 60 submissions! We took our time to find a good mix of games for this years' event. Including planned setup times, the marathon will run for an estimated 63 hours.
More information regarding the individual runs on our speedrun.com marathon page!

Game Category System Runners Estimate Incentives
The Legend of Zelda Both Quests Any% NES KHANanaphone 01:11:00 No magic sword run
The Adventure of Link 100% FDS cantaloupeme 01:16:00
A Link to the Past Any% no EG SNES screevo 00:40:00 Filename (4 characters), Kill the animal (Moldorm)
ALTTP Randomizer Standard Mode SNES ChristosOwen, ajneb174 02:00:00 Sprite Choice Bidwar, Difficulty
Link's Awakening DX Any% no WW/OoB (No S+Q) GBC Sagaz 01:00:00 Extra Boomerang Run
Ocarina of Time Beta Quest Bingo Blackout N64/WiiVC Sloth, Menou_, Marco, Blancalamb 03:30:00 Filename (8 characters) (Seed)
Ocarina of Time 3D All Dungeons 3DS benstephens56 01:50:00 Glitch Exhibition
Majora's Mask 100% WiiVC MajinPhil 05:20:00 Filename
Majora's Mask 3D Any% Race 3DS Jamama92, PhlexPlexico,
Mega_Hirtz, benstephens56
Oracle of Ages Any% GBP Stanner93 01:45:00 Filename (5 characters)
Oracle of Seasons Any% GBP BambooShadow 01:55:00 Filename, Animal bidwar
Four Swords Adventures Any% GCN zmaster91 02:17:00
The Wind Waker Din's Pearl Race GCN TrogWW, gymnast86, Hyxost, Cris_Midknight,
TheMirrorShield, Jiffy, wooferzfg & more (live signups during marathon)
The Wind Waker HD Any% Race WiiU gymnast86, rasenurns 01:40:00 Filename (8 characters)
The Minish Cap Any% WiiUVC ToadsWoot 01:53:00 Filename (6 characters), Glitch Exhibition (10 minutes)
Twilight Princess All Dungeons GCN Kejsmaster 04:05:00
Twilight Princess HD Any% Race WiiU Pheenoh, Jacquaid, Tyloxs, Justin 04:40:00 Filename Link & Epona
Phantom Hourglass Any% DS Hornlitz 03:30:00 Filename (8 characters)
Skyward Sword Any% Wii enderjp 05:40:00
A Link between Worlds Low% 3DS Herreteman 02:30:00 Filename (10 characters)
Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode WiiU Gamer_David 00:35:00
Breath of the Wild Master Sword&Dungeons WiiU rekyuu 03:30:00 Language, Horse Name
Zelda's Adventure Any% CD-i Douggernaught 01:30:00
Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
Any% DS dynomation4 05:00:00 2nd continent bodyguard bidwar, Baseball, Dora Dora blindfolded, 100% ending showcase


Runs listed here didn't make the final cut but are kept as backup in case a runner has to drop or the schedule gets messed up.

Game Category System Runners Estimate Incentives
Spirit Tracks Forest Temple RTA DS Hornlitz 00:50:00 Filename
Twilight Princess All Dungeons GCN Aether 04:20:00
Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest All Dungeons 3DS jamama92 02:20:00 Perform the last WW blind
A Link between Worlds Any% 3DS romulostx 01:30:00 Filename (10 characters)
A Link to the Past Any% NMG SNES wqqqqwrt 01:30:00 Filename (4 characters)
Irozuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon Trip Any% DS Douggernaught 06:30:00 Dance Partner bidwar
Phantom Hourglass Ghost Ship RTA DS LegendofzeldaLF 01:45:00
Ocarina of Time No Wrong Warp N64 Rubixmagic 0:53:00