English, No Tuner

This is a tutorial series for beginners to learn The Wind Waker speedrunning. Basic to advanced techniques and strategies will be covered in depth as Wixyurns goes through the overlying route. Highly recommended for those who wish to get into Wind Waker speedrunning.

Any% English, No Tuner

  1. Start-Outset
  2. Spoils Bag to Forbidden Fortress 1
  3. Getting Sail to Greatfish
  4. Windfall to Dragon Roost Island
  5. Delivery Bag to GH
  6. GH to Dragon Roost Island
  7. Dragon Roost Island to BPR
  8. Leaf to Kalle Demos Boss
  9. Forest Haven to Nayru's Pearl
  10. Outset Island to N. Triangle Island
  11. Enter Tower of the Gods to Getting the Bow
  12. Hero's Bow to Tower of the Gods
  13. Hyrule 1 to Ballad of Gales
  14. Ballad of Gales to Forsaken Fortress 2
  15. Hyrule 2 to Earth God's Lyric
Last updated 03/04/2021 – gymnast86