Bug Limit (JP)

Written by TrogWW and Chasetopher

Leaderboard and Rules



  • Get red rupee in the log and rupees in grass (30/200)

Forsaken Fortress 1

  • Skip rupees


  • Start Hide and Seek
  • Free Tingle
  • Collect rupees if needed to get to 30
  • Finish Hide and Seek (80/200)
  • Buy Sail (0/200)

To Master Sword

Dragon Roost (sail)

  • Barrel game (80/200)
  • Get Wind Waker and learn Wind's Requiem
  • Rock Jump
  • Set wind N before throwing Medli
  • Dragon Roost Cavern
    • Bomb both warp pots
    • Save Warp after Grappling Hook
    • Grapple bokoblins (Joy Pendants: 2)
    • "Sick Ass Skip" to Big Key and Save Warp
    • Grapple bokoblins (JP: 4)
    • JP in pot before boss (JP: 5)
  • Set wind S to enter KoRL

Forest Haven (sail)

  • Barrel game (160/200)
  • Buy Bait Bag and Hyoi Pear from Beedle (130/200) (can buy extras to be safe)
  • Save Warp after Deku Leaf
  • Set wind NW to enter Forbidden Woods
  • Forbidden Woods
    • Open warp pot in main room after small key
    • Save Warp after Boomerang
    • Save Warp after Big Key
    • Get magic before boss
  • Save Warp after Farore's Pearl cutscene

E. Triangle (sail)

  • Barrel game (200/200)
  • Place Farore's Pearl

Greatfish (sail)

Windfall (sail)

  • Set wind SW after arriving
  • Get the password
  • Save Warp after Bombs

N. Triangle (sail)

  • Place Din's Pearl

Islet of Steel (sail)

  • Get Triforce Chart 1 and Save Warp

Needle Rock (sail)

  • Sink golden ship for Treasure Chart 16

Outset (sail)

  • Enter Beedle's ship and leave to enter KoRL
  • Set wind NE when on south side of whirlpool
  • Nayru's Pearl

Shark Island (sail)

  • Open Treasure Chart 16
  • Salvage Treasure Chart 28
  • Open Treasure Chart 28

S. Triangle (sail)

  • Place Nayru's Pearl

Tower of the Gods

  • In-bounds F1 Skip
  • Skip Command Melody on 2nd and 3rd Statue
  • Leaf pump to boss key chest
  • Gohdan

Hyrule 1

  • Block Puzzle
  • Master Sword
  • Hyrule 1 fight

To Hyrule 2

Tower of the Gods

  • Set wind W

N. Triangle (sail)

  • Learn Ballad of Gales

Windfall (warp)

N. Fairy (sail)

  • Get 1000 rupee wallet (200/1000)

Forsaken Fortress 2 (sail)

  • Defeat Phantom Ganon for Skull Hammer
  • Climb to searchlight and leaf to staircase
  • Helmaroc King
    • Skip or fight normally

Hyrule 2

To Earth Temple

Greatfish (warp)

Needle Rock (sail)

  • Salvage Treasure Chart 3

Mother and Child (warp)

  • Get Fire & Ice Arrows

Dragon Roost (warp)

Fire Mountain (sail)

  • Get Power Bracelets and Save Warp

E. Fairy (sail)

  • Open Treasure Chart 3
  • Salvage Treasure Chart 40
  • Open Treasure Chart 40

Outset (warp)

  • Get 5000 rupee wallet and leave (200/5000)
  • Leaf to Savage Labyrinth
    • Grapple bokoblins (JP: 21)
    • Get all rupees (526/5000)
    • Get Triforce Chart 6 and Save Warp
  • Set wind NE

Headstone (sail)

  • Salvage Triforce Chart 5
  • Learn Earth God's Lyric

Dragon Roost (warp)

  • Fill magic from pots
  • Get Medli

Outset (warp)

Headstone (sail)

  • Earth Temple
    • Skip Command Melody in 2nd room
    • Throw Medli up ledge and bomb boost to skip chu staircase room
    • Skip Command Melody in block room, leave Medli there
    • Skip Stalfos Miniboss with leaf pumps for Mirror Shield, backtrack to main room
    • Shine light at statue to access basement
    • Skip CM on last elephant statue
    • Skip all of Big Key puzzle
    • 50 rupees in closest chest (576/5000)
    • Backtrack to Boss Door
    • Jalhalla fight

To Wind Temple

Windfall (warp)

  • Give Joy Pendants to Mrs. Marie for Cabana Deed and leave normally (596/5000)

Gale (sail)

  • Use Wind Waker to skip using Iron Boots
  • Learn Wind God's Aria

S. Fairy (warp)

Ice Ring (sail)

  • Get Iron Boots and Save Warp

Private Oasis (sail)

  • Try to get all 255 rupees (851/5000)
  • Get Triforce Chart 2 and Save Warp

Forest Haven (warp)

  • Get Makar

Bird's Peak Rock (sail)

  • Safety save before using Hyoi Pear
  • Get Triforce Chart 3
  • Leave normally

Windfall (warp)

Gale (sail)

  • Wind Temple
  • Open tree chest in 2nd room for orange rupee (951/5000)

Makar Kidnapping Skip Route:

  • Plant 2 trees and savewarp to skip Makar Kidnapping (2 frame window)
  • Go back to kidnapping room, pick up Makar
  • Leave Makar in main room, open warp pot in main room with Fire Arrow
  • Backtrack and take warp pot
  • Bomb Boost to small key
  • Roll to miniboss, use Makar to activate fan before entering
  • Leave normally after hookshot then leaf up to Armos room, Small Key
  • Jump down-left, pick up Makar, travel to top to open floor
  • Get Big Key
  • Jump down to basement

Standard Route:

  • Plant 2 trees and let Makar get caught
  • Open warp pot in main room with Fire Arrow
  • Backtrack and take warp pot
  • Bomb Boost to small key
  • Save Warp after Hookshot or Leave normally and get caught by floormaster
  • Rescue Makar and travel to top to open floor
  • Get Big Key
  • Use Makar to activate fan to get Armos room Small Key
  • Jump down to basement

Routes merge here:

  • Skip using Makar for rest of dungeon
  • 52 rupees before boss door (1003/5000)
  • Molgera fight

To End

Dragon Roost (warp)

  • Shoot down 200 rupee chest (1203/5000)

Overlook (sail)

  • Get Triforce Chart 8 and Save Warp

Outset (warp)

Diamond Steppe (sail)

  • Get Ghost Ship Chart

Tingle Island (warp)

  • Decipher Triforce Charts 1-3 (9/5000)

Spectacle (sail)

  • Open Ghost Ship Chart and Triforce Charts 1-3
  • Farm 7 times (2179/5000)
  • Get Triforce Chart 4

Greatfish (warp)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 1 (1/8)

Stone Watcher (sail)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 3 (2/8)
  • Get Triforce Chart 7

Tingle Island (warp)

  • Decipher Triforce Charts 4-8 (189/5000)

Windfall (warp)

Gale Isle (sail)

  • Open Triforce Charts 4-8
  • Salvage Triforce Shard 2 (3/8)

Dragon Roost (warp)

Seven-Star (sail)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 7 (4/8)

S. Fairy (warp)

S. Triangle (sail)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 6 (5/8)

Forest Haven (warp)

Cliff Plateau (sail)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 5 (6/8)

S. Fairy (warp)

  • Set wind SW


  • Salvage Triforce Shard 8 (7/8)

Outset (warp)

  • Salvage Triforce Shard 4 (8/8)

Tower of the Gods (warp)

Hyrule 3

  • Mighty Darknut Fight

Ganon's Tower

  • Enter Trials area
    • Leaf to WT trial, leaf pump past both gaps, Molgera
    • Enter ET trial, use hookshot on blue chus, roll past stalfos, Jalhalla
    • Enter FW trial, magic, Kalle Demos
    • Enter DRC trial, magic, shoot ice arrow on middle geyser and leaf to it, leaf to end, Gohma
  • Light Arrows
  • Puppet Ganon
  • Ganondorf
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