All Dungeons (JP, Tuner)

  • Manual Superswim to DRI
    • Wind Waker
    • Learn Wind's Requiem (watch Zephos cutscene)

Forsaken Fortress 1

  • Superswim to Northern Fairy Island Submarine
    • Get caught
    • leave jail
    • defeat searchlight bokoblin
    • store gossip stone cutscene
    • Courtyard red rupees
    • chest storage route
    • Beat FF1


  • Spawn at Windfall
    • Flower rupees
    • Pot under ramp
    • Free Tingle, rupee under bed
    • Pot under ramp again
    • Pot on ledge
    • Sploosh rupees
    • Pot before Zunarii
    • Buy Sail
    • Get double storage with KoRL's text
  • Superswim to Greatfish
    • Greatfish cutscene skip
  • Sail back to Windfall
    • Flower rupees again
    • Pot under ramp again
    • Password Skip
    • Bombs
    • Savewarp

Forest Haven

  • Double Storage Superswim to Forest Haven (make sure to have 60 rupees first)
    • Activate Tuner
    • Hover outside for leaf early (40 rupees)
    • Deku Tree cs skip
    • Deku Leaf
    • Set wind to W
    • Tingle Balloon and leaf pump to FW (10 rupees)
  • Enter Forbidden Woods
  • Tingle bomb for purple rupee
  • Store chest inside tree (double bomb to kill deku baba)

Skip the next steps if you can open the portal in Ganon's Tower without the boomerang:

  • Early Boomerang
  • Store boomerang chest to leave faster
  • Store chest in mothula room

Routes merge here:

  • FW BK Skip
  • Kalle Demos with Bombs
  • Farore's Pearl
  • Leave normally


  • Superswim to Outset (refill at 2 eye reef)
    • Drown in whirlpool
    • Nayu's Pearl
  • Superswim to STI
    • place pearl
  • Superswim to ETI
    • place pearl

Dragon Roost Island

  • Superswim to DRI
    • Delivery Bag Skip Hover
    • Leaf accross fountain
  • Enter DRC
    • Take Damage + purple rupee
    • Hover to 3rd floor
    • Leaf accross gaps outside
    • Grappling Hook (store Medli)
    • Chest Storage BK Skip
    • Gohma
  • Superswim to NTI
    • place pearl

Tower of the Gods, Hyrule 1

  • Enter TotG
    • TotG with tuner strats:
      • Jack Clip for first statue
      • Activate balloon before leaving first statue maze room for use in moving platform room
      • Skip scales with balloon
  • Hyrule 1
    • Make sure to enter the castle with full magic
    • Puzzle Skip
    • Hyrule Escape
    • Bomb Push Barrier Skip
    • Trials Skip
    • Open Portal with bow (boomerang if you have it)
    • Light Arrows
    • Leave Ganon's Tower
  • Leave to FF2
    • Damage down during Phantom Ganon fight
    • Skull Hammer Chest Storage
    • Helmaroc Skip

Hyrule 2

  • Hyrule 2
    • Tetra to Zelda cutscene
    • Leave normally
  • Sail or Superswim to Fire Mountain (note: maybe early EGL is faster)
    • Power Bracelets, leave normally
  • Superswim to Headstone
    • Learn EGL
  • Superswim to Ice Ring
    • Iron Boots, leave normally
  • Superswim to Gale Island
    • Learn WGA
  • Superswim to DRI (drown in DRI quadrant)
    • Shoot down 200 rupee chest with bow (take bomb damage into medli cutscene)
    • Chest Storage to Medli
  • Double Storage Superswim to Headstone

Earth Temple

  • Enter ET
    • Tingle Balloon Strat in first room
    • Take 2 hearts of damage from Moblins to prepare the WT hover
    • Use command melody to reveal chest
    • Defeat the chus, store map chest
    • Clip past statue, song stone skip
    • Mirror Shield Skip (you have enough rupees for max 2 green tings)
    • Small Key Skip
    • Skip elephant statue, skip 2nd song stone
    • BK Skip
    • Jalhalla with light arrows (take bomb damage during fight to end with 1/2 health)
  • Superswim to FH
    • Get Makar
  • Superswim Gale Island

Wind Temple

  • Enter WT
    • Skip CM in first room with Tingle Balloon + Makar Damage Interrupt
    • Drain your remaining health in the main room and Zombie Hover to the door frame, roll clip, early miniboss
    • Store hookshot chest and leave
    • Break floor pannels, get small key, store treasure chart chest
    • Boss Key Skip
    • Molgera


  • Superswim to FF2
    • Beat the game
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