List of Unused Glitches

On this page you will find unused but interesting glitches. All glitches not on any other pages are welcome.

Grab Slide Clipping

Discovered by Kazooie

On ledges you can grab but not climb up due to there being collision above the ledge, you can usually clip through that piece of collision using this method. Grab the ledge then go either to the right or to the left, then immediately hold up on the control stick. While you are holding up, Link will continue going sideways on the ledge, until it reaches the end of it. He will then climb up and clip through the collision that's above the ledge.

This trick has one good use in Ganon's Tower: it can be used to clip through Phantom Ganon's Wall.

Iron Boots High Jumping

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

Go to a ledge which makes Link perform a small hop. Equip Iron Boots and walk forward to get that hop. Force unequip the iron boots on the very first frame of the jump by equipping over it. This will make Link jump higher than normal. Because this is still a rather small jump, there is currently no known uses.

Leafing faster by force-unequipping Iron Boots

Discovered by Froztbite

Normally, the leafing speed is capped at 12 speed. However, by pulling out the leaf while wearing iron boots and then equipping over the boots to unequip them you can skip the speed cap applying. Thus you will be able to glide at 24 speed, slowly decreasing to 12.

As a bonus, this method of starting to leaf around also skips losing the very first bit of magic normally needed to start leafing. You still need magic to be able to start it though.

Hookshot Actor Displacement

Discovered by TrogWW

This glitch works with the headstones inside the Wind Temple. Hookshot a headstone but turn the camera away from the headstone after hookshotting it. If the hookshot connects but then the headstone unloads due to the camera being away, turning the camera back to the headstone will get it to snap to Link. This glitch can be used to move those objects around the Wind Temple.

Magic Armor Shaking

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

By using the magic armour in the middle of a jump, Link will start shaking. This is only visual. This works even if you have no magic to use the magic armor.

Exit ID 00 Warp

By dying on the exact same frame as you void out, you will respawn at the exit ID 00 of the current stage instead of the normal respawn location. Using storage you can make this slightly easier as you can then drown a few frames after dying and it will work as well.

Currently, the only known ways to do this is by throwing a statue, Medli or Makar in a pit to trigger the void; or by clipping OoB on the overworld travelling pirate ship map. Theoretically, doing this trick in most places will crash the game as many places don't even have a stage exit ID 00 to begin with. Some will crash because they try to send you to an invalid entrance (usually to the test map I_TestM or Grandma's house LinkRM). Among the more useful theoretical warps, doing this anywhere on ADMumi will send you to ADMumi but at the bell.

Sliding Medli

Discovered by azer67

Medli doesn't have an animation for sliding off slippery slopes. By using the command melody and putting Medli on such a slope (for exemple, on an elephant statue), Medli will slide off and continue sliding on the ground, keeping the sliding speed. The camera will stay locked.

Floating Medli

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

Pull out the wind waker. Floormasters are not frozen when you have the wind waker out. Wait for the floormaster to grab Medli but then make sure the floormaster gets hit by a ray of light to drop her, then go out of the wind waker. Medli will be stuck in the air, like she has no gravity. You can hit here with a bomb to send her flying. Calling her with the Command Melody will end the glitch.

Weird Flying Glitch with Medli and Floormaster

A strange glitch was documented in 2013 where Link can apparently keep on flying forward when Medli gets caught by a Floormaster mid-flight. It has ever been replicated as far as we know.

Invisible Makar/Medli Softlock

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

Pull out the Wind Waker before Medli gets caught by the floormaster, and wait for the floormaster to catch her. Play the Command Melody. Medli/Makar will get caught and you will be controlling an invisible Medli/Makar who can't move. You can't go back to controlling Link or pause the game, thus this is a softlock

Floormaster Text Storage Clip

Discovered by Froztbite

If you cancel the getting caught by a floormaster cutscene with Text Storage, you will clip underground.

Solving the Hyrule Block Puzzle with One Block

Discovered by Deadeyesx311, Only on the Japanese Version

Bid Over 1000 rupees at Auction

Bid 998 rupees and let one of the NPCs bid 999 rupees. You can now bid 1000 rupees or more.

Buttslide Softlock

Play the Wind's Requiem on a slippery slope. This causes Link to buttslide in place, causing a softlock.

It is also possible to have very long buttslides by entering slippery slopes with a ton of speed, but they usually end, and you can still pause during them, which you can't after wind's requiem.

Light Arrows related Glitches

  • If you first cut a Stalfos in half then use the light arrows on the head, the Stalfos won't be recognized as defeated. In Overlook and Savage Labyrinth, this makes you unable to beat the room. Thus you should only use light arrows on a Stalfos before cutting it in half.

  • If you use light arrows against the Miniblins in the Shark Island Secret Cave, their death switch won't be set and thus the fight won't continue and you have to reload the room.

  • Light Arrows work against Jalhalla but they don't work correctly against the jalhalla poes. If you use light arrows on a jalhalla poe, the poe will vanish but will reappear in the next phase. The cutscene of Jalhalla refomring himself is also longer.

  • Light Arrows heal Gohma.

Use Light Arrows in the Refights

Normally, when entering a normal trial, the game switches your inventory back to what you had when you first defeated the boss (see File Item Transfer). However, it doesn't reset on what arrow type of the arrow wheel you are on. Thus, if you enter the Jalhalla or Molgera refight with the arrow wheel on the light arrows, you can use light arrows in the refights despite them not having them anymore.

Make Blue Chus unable to damage Link

Use the hookshot on a blue chu and it won't be able to damage you anymore unless you actually attck it with your sword or hammer. This doesn't work with yellow chus. This only works because the blue chu/hookshot interaction isn't properly coded.

Frozen Enemies Knockback

Discovered by LegendofLinkk

After freezing an enemy, picking it up and throwing it, Link can sometimes get knocked back without taking damage. This happens with Morths or Keeses for exemple.

Escape Big Octo fights

Cruise or sail into a big octo fight but leave the boat right before the fight triggers. You can start the fight without being on your boat. With camera lock, you can superswim away and avoid getting sucked by the whirlpool. If you leave the quadrant the fight stops. If you stay in the quadrant but go too far away from the Octo, it will unload, and it will reload by going closer again. The fight music continues to play until you reload the area or trigger another music.

Whirlpool Clipping

Discovered by Froztbite

Entering a whirlpool will give KoRL clipping properties. You can use this to clip him through Outset Island. Unfortunately you cannot exit the boat while inside a whirlpool.

Stuck Parry Glitch

Discovered by KlydeStorm

Use the leaf on a mothula performing his dive attack. The parry attack will stay stuck and you will be able to perform it whenever and wherever you want as long as you can target the mothula. The parry goes away if you land a hit or if you reload the room.

Dupe Lava Particles in DRC

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

In Dragon Roost Cavern, you can dupe lava particles by changing room when a lava geyser is up with a platform on it.

Beedle's ship infinite bomb explosions

Discovered by takoya saito

Reviving Kalle Demos

Defeat Kalle Demos with bombs. Then use the boomerang on the vines still attached to the ceiling. The fight will then start again.

Moblin Siren Glitch

Get caught by a moblin and die or reset at the same time. The jingle will still be playing after the loading zone.

Gossip Stone Dives Softlocks

Diving with a gossip stone text softlocks the game. This can either happen in FF1 by triggering the gossip stone text underwater, or in TotG by getting pushed off by the statue in the room before the bow.

Invincible Bokoblin

Boomerang a bokoblin while it's hanging off a ledge. It will fall and die from fall damage without dying. Thus attacking him will make the fatal blow sound and he won't die.

Last updated 01/24/2020 – azer67