Phase 1

Nothing of major important about this phase except that if she knocks you over she will deal 1 heart of damage and considering Snowpeak Ruins is filled with hearts anywhere be weary if you could die.

There is a tactic to hitting her fast in the first phase however it does have the risk of being knocked so only attempt this if you feel confident or have more than 1 heart. Start of by throwing the Ball & Chain at her head on first time then hold forward and mash A to roll towards her as she is going away then mash to throw the ball & Chain again, if done correctly you will be so close to her and she will still be huge so she will be stuff between you and the ball & Chain making it easy to get some quick hits however if you aren't fast enough you could just roll into her on the rebound.

Phase 2 (1 Cycle)

It is possible to hit her all 3 times in one cycle on her second phase which skips a whole another cycle of her dropping ice from above and a Cutscene of her getting her ice barriers back. To do this stand a little away from the wall as shown in the video and when you see the shadows of the ice try and make the ice knock you back so you end up inside her circle and in a position where attack her won't knock her far away from you (If you didn't fall in the right position there is time for 1 roll around to try and recover the position). From here you want to swing the ball & chain to hit her 1 into the wall and then instantly throw it for the 2nd hit, finally once the ball & chain comes back aim at her as she rises and hit her for the final time.

Last updated 04/25/2018 – Habreno