Any% (BiTE)

This new revision of the Wii Any% route is several (estimated 10+) minutes faster than the old Any% route. It is not RTA-friendly, but it is RTA-feasible. Epona Seam Clip and Gorge Void makes a very brutal beginning and the majority of the tricks are forced with no backups or route-arounds.

Note that most GCN&Wii tricks/glitches linked in this route are done on Gamecube and therefore are mirrored on the Wii version.

Runs should start with a blank file in slots 1, 2, and 3 as multiple files are used during the run.

Route intended for Wii 1.0 (any region)

Equips are routed into the route and listed after changes occur. In the route, equips in gold are equips that you directly changed with that equip. Equips in maroon are equips that were modified without you directly changing them (this includes Ooccoo/Ooccoo Jr transitions, Lent Bag Losses, etc.) - these are color-coded for your awareness only.


Faron Twilight

  • South Faron Portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • First Two Bugs (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs Inside Coro's House
  • Bug Outside Coro's House
  • Bugs Before Tunnel (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs on Left Wall (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs in Tree Trunk
  • Ignore Burrowed Bugs
  • EMS (Right Wall)
  • Enter Sacred Grove
  • Chase Skull Kid
  • Solve Master Sword Puzzle [LD UUU RR DDD LU]
  • Master Sword
    • Warp South Faron with Midna
  • Collect Missed Tears
  • Cross purple mist with lantern
  • Kill Bugs Before They Burrow + Get Tears
    • Get 10R Dig Spot Behind Sign While Waiting For Tears (10R)
  • North Faron Portal
  • Kill Bugs Outside Forest Temple
  • Burn Web to Forest Temple
  • Collect Tears as Human
  • Vessel Complete

Gale Boomerang

  • One Frame Backflip + Savewarp.
  • Ordon Bridge + Precautions, BiTE To KB1
  • KB1 Field + KB1 Bridge
  • Savewarp in Kak on New File, Load South Faron File
  • BiT + Gameover + Continue to set EBF via KB1 fight safely
    • You can attempt BiTE again without doing precautions to reach KB1 instead. This is known as "re-BiTE", and saves about 25 seconds done first-try but risks crashing the game on BiTE.
    • If you do NOT get first-try BiT after, attempting re-BiTE will likely crash.
  • Load Kak File
  • Open Kak Portal
  • Exit Kak to Gorge
  • Learn Map Warping
    • Forced Warp North Faron
  • Ending Blow
  • Enter Forest Temple
  • Kill Spiders With Deku Baba Nuts (or Wolf)
  • Light Torches + Go Outside
  • Early Boomerang via Monkey Chain
  • Ook
  • Gale Boomerang
  • Savewarp

Eldin Twilight

Lanayru Vessel

  • Ride out Kak North
  • Activate Map Glitch
  • Epona OoB to Great Bridge of Hylia (Needs Video)
    • Option 1: Safer but Slower:
      • Ride around Hyrule Field
      • Transition map to next segment near barrier
      • Next transition near edge of loaded area
      • Next transition shortly into newly loaded area
      • Next transition riding past chest reached via spinner
      • Final transition riding near inbounds area
      • Dismount while on OOB solid ground + dash to door to Flight by Fowl
      • Savewarp at door
    • Option 2: Faster but Riskier:
      • Ride around Hyrule Field, dropping height as you do so
      • Transition beneath path before barrier
      • Next transition beneath path behind barrier
      • Next transition using OoB collision near Hyrule Castle
      • Next transition beneath Castle Town Field Bypass
      • Ride inbounds at Castle Town Field loading zone
      • Ride to Flight by Fowl + dismount at steps
      • Roll to door and savewarp at door
  • Quaforce Clip
  • Fyer's Troubles
  • Kargarok Skip + Kargarok Flight
  • Zora's Domain Portal
    • Warp Death Mountain
  • Transform in the Corner
    • Warp Rock to Zora's Domain as Human
  • One Frame Sidehop to Skip Midna Text
  • Rutela skip

Lakebed I - Getting Ooccoo

Lanayru Twilight

  • Lanayru Vessel
  • First Bug After Bridge
  • Lake Hylia Portal
  • Stepping Stones Bug
    • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Wall Bug and Rutela skip
  • Drop to Bug (Left Side)
  • Lilypad Bugs (Keep Them Dry on NA Wii 1.0)
  • Bug on Cliff
  • Iza's Bug
  • River to Hyrule Field North
  • Dash to Castle Town (Left Side)
  • Castle Town Portal
  • Castle Town Bug
    • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Bug Behind Fyer's House (Keep It Dry on NA Wii 1.0)
  • Howl for Kargarok
  • Kargarok Bugs
  • Bug on Dock
  • Boss Bug
  • Vessel Complete

Lakebed II - Clawshot

See Addenda at the end of this page for an alternative route that dupes the Lent Bomb Bag and delays Snowpeak Ruins.

  • Warp Zora's Domain with Midna
  • Descend to UZR
  • Talk to Iza (Flip Lantern to B)
  • UZR Portal
  • Steal Bombs With Ooccoo JR (E Lent Bomb Bag^Lantern)
    • [Boomerang/Boots/Ooccoo/Lent Bomb Bag]
  • Far Side of Single Cog 1F
  • Boomerang + Bomb Stalactite
  • SK Chest
  • Backtrack to Center Room + Locked Door on 2F
  • Boomerang + Bomb Stalactite
  • Lent Bomb Bag MUST BE EMPTY
  • 5WB Chest to Left
  • Cross Vines to Door
  • Head to Deku Toad on Wii
    • Hang, Drop + JS to Land On Platform To Door (Semi-Precise)
  • Early Deku Toad
    • EBF From Early Monkeys Still Active
  • 1 Cycle With Master Sword
  • Clawshot (E Clawshot^Boomerang)
    • [Boots/Ooccoo/Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot]
  • Clawshot Out + Back to Center Room
  • Ooccoo Out
    • [Boots/Ooccoo Jr/Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot]

Ball and Chain

  • Spawn Outside Lanayru Spirit Cave
    • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Goron Bomb Bag (4WB)
    • Goron Bag Needs To Be Empty For CitS
  • Rocket Link (3WB) (E Bomb Bag^Boots)
    • [Ooccoo Jr/Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot/Bomb Bag]
  • Enter Snowpeak
  • Map Glitch
  • Climb Snowpeak
  • Howling Stone at Top [UMD MD UMD]
    • Exit After Howling Once
  • Snowpeak Connection Cave (E Boots^Ooccoo Jr)
    • [Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot/Bomb Bag/Boots]
  • Snowboarding (60R)
  • Enter Snowpeak Ruins
  • Yeta
  • Yeto
  • Block Puzzle Room
  • Dig to Courtyard
  • Jump Attack Moon Boots Bomb Boost To Cross Courtyard (E Ooccoo Jr^Boots)
    • [Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot/Bomb Bag/Ooccoo Jr]
  • Freezard Clip
    • Alternatively, Dig Small Key + Cannonball Freezard (Safer on Health)
  • Darkhammer
  • Ball and Chain
  • Exit to Courtyard
  • Ooccoo Jr. Back to Lakebed
    • [Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot/Bomb Bag/Ooccoo]

Lakebed III - Morpheel

  • Spawn in Lakebed Center Room (E Boots^Ooccoo)
    • [Lent Bomb Bag/Clawshot/Bomb Bag/Boots]
  • Clawshot Vine Clip
  • Morpheel with Water Bombs
    • Max 3 Bomb
  • Exit Lakebed
    • [Lantern/Boomerang/Boots] (Equips automatically reset to these)

Midna's Desperate Hour

  • Wolf to Telma's Bar
  • Push Box Once + Dash Jump to Window
  • Ropes
  • Jovani's Poe
  • Sewers
  • First Web with Stick as Wolf
  • Second Web with Lantern as Human
  • Dig Into Hole
  • Bulblin Archer
  • Tower Climb
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda Cutscene

To Arbiter's Grounds

  • Warp Lake Hylia with Midna
  • Auru's Memo (E Clawshot^Boomerang, Ball and Chain^Boots, Memo)
    • [Lantern/Clawshot/Ball and Chain/Memo]
  • Dash to Fyer
  • Show Auru's Memo
    • [Lantern/Clawshot/Ball and Chain]
  • Cannon to Gerudo Desert
  • Dash to Barricades Blocking Bulblin Camp
  • Ball and Chain + Wolf Clip Past Barricades
  • Enter Bulblin Camp
  • Activate Map Glitch
  • Map Glitch to KB3
    • 4 Backflips
    • 2 Sidehops
    • 3 Backflips
    • Pull Out Sword
    • Backwalk off Edge
    • Jumpslash for Forward Momentum
  • KB3
  • Boar to Arbiter's Grounds
  • Enter Arbiter's Grounds

Arbiter's Grounds

City in the Sky

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle


Alternative Routing with Bomb Duping

There exist some routes that steal and duplicate the Lent Bomb Bag as wolf. Here is an ideal route that is ~5 seconds slower, but arguably more consistent:

  • Same route up through Lanayru Twilight
  • Warp to Zora's Domain and dash to UZR
  • Steal Lent Bomb Bag as wolf
    • If you trigger fight as human then savewarp
    • Warp back to UZR to duplicate the bag
    • Talk to Iza at the end to refill the duped bag
  • Warp Castle Town
  • Transform to human, and Ooccoo back to Lakebed
    • A side effect is having 4 boomerangs equipped. Just re-equip needed items over
  • Finish Lakebed II as described above
    • Small key in Single Cog 1F
    • Empty bombs for WB chest on 2F
    • Early Deku Toad
    • Clawshot
  • Backtrack to LBT center (don't Ooccoo out)
  • Vine clip
  • Beat Morpheel
    • Duped bag will reset to having 30 normal bombs
  • Midna's Desperate Hour
  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Go to Snowpeak
    • As human, begin emptying bomb bag (needs to depleted by CitS)
  • Snowboarding etc.
  • Snowpeak Ruins with MB courtyard boost as described above
  • Savewarp immediately after B&C
    • Don't need to grab either 100R
  • Leave SPR and warp to Lake Hylia
  • Routes converge at Getting to Arbiter's Grounds, just drop bombs in AG (return to route)

Other Alternatives

  • In lieu of the route above, doing Snowpeak right after bomb duping, then completing Lakebed is also an option. However this isn't any faster, and harder to optimize. Here is a comparison video for the two bomb dupe routes.
  • For a no-seam clip route, see the Any% Forest route page.
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