GCN Any% (Gorge) (Zora Armor)

Note that this alternative Any% route is about 35 seconds slower than the optimal Any% route with Bombs

If you are not consistent with Morpheel / Zant without Zora Armor, this route probably is the better alternative.

Runs should start with a blank file in slots 1, 2 and 3 as all files are used during the run.


Faron Province

  • Skip Faron Vessel
  • EMS
  • Howl at Stone
  • Skull Kid Chase
  • Skull Kid Fight
  • Master Sword Puzzle (LD UUU RR DDD LU)
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Purple Mist
  • Enter Forest Temple
  • Kill Spiders with Deku Baba nuts and as wolf by luring them lower as human
  • Light Torches
  • Cross over monkey chain to OoK
  • Ook
  • Boomerang
  • Savewarp
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Faron Escape
  • Dash to Eldin
  • Mail Man Skip
  • Enter Eldin Province

Getting to Eldin Vessel (Gorge Void)

Getting to Eldin Vessel (No Gorge Void)

(Note: Alternatively you can do Epona OoB and therefore do Eldin Twilight before Domain Portal. This is faster if you get more than 1 bonk on Lanayru Gate Clip)

Eldin Twilight

Lanayru Twilight

  • Warp Death Mountain
  • Transform in the corner
  • Warp Rock to Zora's Domain as human
  • Rutela skip
  • Lanayru Vessel
  • Lake Hylia Warp Portal
  • Stepping Stones For Bug
  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Wall Bug and Rutela skip
  • Drop down right wall to bug
  • Lillypad Bugs
  • Bug on cliff
  • Howl at UZR Stone
  • Listen to Iza For Bug
  • Down the River
  • Castle Town Warp Portal
  • Dash Cancel through Castle Town
  • Castle Town bug
  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Bug Behind Fyer's House
  • Howl at grass
  • Kargaroc Bugs
  • Last Small Bug
  • Boss Bug

Zora Armor

  • Warp Castle Town
  • Mail Man Skip
  • Enter Telma's Bar (Starts Wagon Escort)
  • Bulblin 2 Skip
  • Wait For Wagon To Catch Fire And Use Boomerang
  • Open Gate
  • 100 Rupee Chest under the bridge (140/160R)
  • Kill Kargarok (With Boomerang)
  • Dash to Gorge Area
  • Epona slide over the gorge
    • Alternatively, you can Epona Backhop over the gorge (about 30 seconds slower)
  • LJA Over Midna Trigger
  • Follow Zora Queen to Graveyard
  • Zora Armor (Don't Equip yet)

Going to Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins

  • Enter Door on the left
  • Early Heart Piece 2 (Don't Need the Heart Piece)
  • Clawshot through the ceiling
  • Clawshot down to Cannon Room
  • Ice Clip
  • Enter Courtyard
  • Freezard Skip
  • Darkhammer 1-Cycle
  • Ball & Chain
  • Savewarp (Equip Zora Armor)
  • 100R from armor in the Lobby (240/260R)
  • Ooccoo Back to Lakebed

Lakebed Temple

  • Boss Key Skip
  • Morpheel with Zora Armor
    • 1 Frame early hit on Morpheel

Midna's Desperate Hour

  • Transform Wolf
  • Dash to Castle Town (Zoom out to reduce lag)
  • Enter Telma's Bar through the door
  • Push Box once and Dash Jump to window
  • Poe
  • Enter Sewers
  • Burn first web as wolf with stick
  • Transform at 2nd web and use lantern
  • Dig into hole
  • Bulbin Archer
  • Exit Tower
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda Cutscene

Desert Province

Arbiter's Grounds

  • Human entrance
  • Pull Chain
  • Small Key
  • Enter left room
  • Poe 1 Skip
  • LJA to the door
  • Stalfos With Ball & Chain
  • Poe 4
  • Poe Scent
  • Leave room
  • Jump to the other side using chandelier
  • Push the large metal box 4 times
    • Red rupee from chest if needed (240->260R)
  • Main Room
  • Pull chain + Enter Door Down Stairs
  • Small Key
  • Redead 1 (280R)
  • Poe 2
  • Main Room
  • Enter left room
  • Take the path on the left and climb up the destroyed stairs
  • Enter Rat room backwards (don't get the key)
  • Poe 3 Room backwards (300R)
  • Back to Main Room + Enter Big Door
  • Boss Key Early (get 5R in the skull if needed)
  • Transform Wolf
  • Stalfos With B&C Timesaver
  • Death Sword
  • Spinner
  • Savewarp
  • Enter Stallord
  • Stallord
  • Exit Arbiter's Grounds

City in the Sky

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle

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