GCN All Dungeons (No TD)

Note that this route is about 1:30 slower than the fastest route. The key differences are that this route does not skip Map Glitch with Universal Map Delay, or do Rusl Text Displacement to get into Goron Mines

Runs should start with a blank file in slots 1, 2 and 3 as all files are used during the run.


Faron Province

  • S. Faron Warp Portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • Kill First Two Bugs (Leave Tears)
  • Bugs in Coro's House
  • Bug on Coro's House
  • Tunnel
  • Bugs on Right Wall (Leave Tears)
  • Bugs in Tree Trunk
  • Ignore Bugs That Dig
  • EMS
  • Skull Kid Chase 1
  • Skull Kid Fight 1
  • Master Sword Puzzle (LD UUU RR DDD LU)
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Collect Missed Tears
  • Enter Purple Mist Area
  • Get Tears on the right
  • Lantern through Fog
  • Bugs before they dig (collect 10R after sign after killing (10R))
  • N. Faron Warp Portal
  • Kill last two bugs
  • Transform and burn web
  • Enter Forest Temple
  • Save File 3
  • BiT in Forest Temple
  • Early Monkeys (This will also activate Early Boss Fights for later on)
    • BiTE
      • Perform BiTE and load File 2 (Outside Bo's House)
    • Soft reset as soon as the cutscene starts playing (Start+X+B), then mash start as soon as the screen starts to fade out to skip the cutscene (timing isn't precise)
  • Load File 3 again

Forest Temple Part 1

  • Kill Spiders with Deku Baba nuts
  • Light Torches
  • Cross over monkey chain to OoK
  • Ook
  • Boomerang
  • Savewarp
  • Leave Forest Temple
  • Collect last 2 tears as Human to finish Faron Vessel

Early Clawshot

Forest Temple Part 2

  • Boss Key (Clawshot up the vines before Deku Baba attacks)
  • LJA to the Boss Door
  • Diababa
  • Heart Container (Clawshot)
  • Forest Temple Defeated

Getting to Eldin Vessel

  • Call Epona
  • Epona to Eldin
  • Mail Man Skip
  • Enter Eldin Province
  • Kakariko Gorge Warp Portal
  • Warp N. Faron (Forced Warp to Faron)
  • Warp Bridge to Kakariko Gorge
  • Avoid Bulbin 1 Trigger (Dig under gate and hug the wall)
  • Enter Kakariko
  • Get Kakariko Warp Portal
  • Eldin Vessel

Eldin Twilight

  • Call Midna and skip through her textboxes to learn to climb tree (Press Z once)
  • Enter graveyard
  • Well Clip
  • Basement Bugs
  • Graveyard Bug
  • Malo Mart Bug
  • Hotel Bug
  • Dash Cancel across roofs
  • Abandoned House Bug
  • Barnes Shop Bug
  • Bomb House Skip
  • Watchtower Bug
  • DMT Bug
  • Quick Stream Cycle
  • Death Mountain Bugs
  • Vessel Complete

Lanayru Twilight

  • Warp Death Mountain
  • Transform in the corner
  • Warp Rock to Zora's Domain as human
  • Rutela skip
  • Lanayru Vessel
  • Lake Hylia Warp Portal
  • Stepping Stones For Bug
  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Wall Bug and Rutela skip
  • Drop down right wall to bug
  • Lillypad Bugs
  • Bug on cliff
  • Listen to Iza For Bug
  • Down the River
  • Castle Town Warp Portal
  • Dash Cancel through Castle Town
  • Castle Town bug
  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Bug Behind Fyer's House
  • Howl at grass
  • Kargaroc Bugs
  • Last Small Bug
  • Boss Bug

Lakebed Temple

Midna's Deserate Hour

  • Transform Wolf
  • Dash to Castle Town (Zoom out to reduce lag)
  • Enter Telma's Bar Through the Door
  • Push Box Once and Dash Jump to window
  • Poe
  • Enter Sewers
  • Burn First Web as Wolf With Stick
  • Transform at 2nd Web and Use Lantern
  • Dig into hole
  • Bulbin Archer
  • Exit Tower
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda Cutscene

Peak Province

(NOTE: You will need to empty all your bombs before City in the Sky however you want to leave 2 bombs for Arbiter's Grounds and 1 Bomb for getting the 200R in the bell at kakariko. It is recomented to leave a few spare for this rupee)

  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Enter Peak Province
  • Map Glitch
  • Howling Stone (Exit after howling once)
  • Messenger Skip
  • Snowboarding (Blind Because Fog Remains)
  • Enter Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins

Desert Province

Arbiter's Grounds

  • Human entrance
  • Pull Chain
  • Small Key
  • Enter left room
  • Poe 1 Skip
  • LJA to the door
  • Stalfos With Ball & Chain
  • Poe 4
  • Poe Scent
  • Leave room
  • Jump to the other side using chandelier
  • Push the large metal box 4 times
  • Main Room
  • Pull chain + Enter Door Down Stairs
  • Small Key
  • Redead 1 (70R)
  • Poe 2
  • Main Room
  • Enter left room
  • Take the path on the left and climb up the destroyed stairs
  • Enter Rat room backwards (don't get the key)
  • Poe 3 Room backwards (kill 2nd redead if needed) (90/110R)
  • Back to Main Room + Enter Big Door
  • Boss Key Early (get 5R in the skull if needed)
  • Transform Wolf
  • Stalfos With Bombs Timesaver
  • Death Sword
  • Spinner
  • Savewarp
  • Enter Stallord
  • Stallord
  • Heart Container
  • Exit Arbiter's Grounds

Goron Mines

City in the Sky

(NOTE: Before entering CitS you should have an empty Bomb Bag)

Temple of Time

  • Mash B to Jump-Attack and Land on the Bridge
  • Warp N. Faron
  • Bomb Boost to Lost Woods (14WB)
  • Skull Kid 2
  • Sacred Grove Warp Portal
  • Enter Temple of Time
  • Pot on Pressure Plate
  • Small Key
  • Gate Skip 1
  • Gate Skip 2 (Kill only Lizafos) (13WB)
  • Up Stairs Using Spinner
  • Skip Using Block
  • Kill Armos' Using Sword
  • Small Key
  • Across Circle room and Use Small Key
  • Slash Crystal Switch
  • Skip Shotting Crystal Again
  • Bomb-Arrow Crystal Switch 3 times Moving Onto Next Section Each Time (10WB)
  • Bomb-Arrow All 4/5 Enemies That Have Grouped up in The Last Section (9WB)
  • Boss Key Early
  • Boss Key
  • Jump Down Left and Enter Door
  • Small Key
  • LJA Past Barrier
  • Bomb-Arrow Both Armos' (7WB)
  • Darknut Mini-Boss
  • Dominion Rod
  • Savewarp
  • Door of Time Skip
  • Enter Room Before Boss
  • Gate Skip With Bomb (6WB)
  • Fairy in Nearest Pot on the Left (Want Health for Palace of Twilight, Faster Than Heart Container)
  • Armogohma
  • Skip Heart Container (Have Enough Hearts at This Point)
  • Enter Sacred Grove
  • Warp Mirror Chamber
  • Enter Palace of Twilight

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle

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