We designed some special ZSR apparel for you to represent ZeldaSpeedRuns out there in public, during events and marathons for example.
There will be additional tees and hoodies available for a short amount of time in the future related to upcoming ZSR events like the community races or the ZSRMarathon.

The prices mentioned on this page do not include shipping.*

All our standard apparel is available on

Gold ZSR Triforce Tee


Get your own ZSR-Shirt! Nothing says "I'm a Zelda speedrunner" more than a triforce on your chest.
We want you to enjoy being able to sport this in public, nothing too crazy, flashy or unappealing.

Material: 100% Cotton, Color: Black

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ZSR Relaxed Tee


A chill ZSR shirt with the cool triforce design up for grabs in multiple colors. Also available as Girls Tee.

Material: 100% Cotton, Color: Blue, Darkblue, Petrol, Grey

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ZSR Chibi Tee


Show everyone that you are a Zelda Speedrunner with this flashy and awesome new chibi tee design done by @starcommando26!
A triforce, heroes, foes - this shirt has everything you want from The Legend of Zelda! Available now in several colors and for both men and women.

Material: 100% cotton, Colors: Black, White, Green, Blue, Grey, Purple, Pink, Yellow

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ZSR Red Triforce Tee


Our new ZSR Triforce design. A new take on the classic Zelda triforce, using the oldschool classic ZSR Red. This is a classy one!

Material: 100% cotton, Colors: Black, Grey, Darkblue, Darkgreen

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ZSR Hoodie


Our awesome new ZSR Hoodie, we're super stoked to finally have something to give back to the people who want to sport ZeldaSpeedRuns.

Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester, Color: Black

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Custom ZSR Shirt / Hoodie

Shirt $25,00 | Hoodie $50,00*

We now also offer custom ZSR Shirts with our designs and your name on it!
A Hoodie with ZSR-Style AND you own name on it? Must-Have!
There are several designs available. For your very own, customized order contact @TreZc0_ on the ZSR Discord. Every hoodie includes the ZSR Logo and your name, the rest is customizable.

Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester, Color: Black

Orders via Discord. Contact us!

*Shipping costs vary depending on your region.