Camera "Lock"

Discovered by indykenobi


Whenever Link is about to enter a door, the camera swings around so that Link and the door are centered on the screen. In some places, it is possible to get the camera stuck at this angle.

How To

Walk up to a door so that the camera changes its position, then use C to enter first person mode. Stand on the right side of the door and hold up and right while looking to the left, so that the camera view starts to jitter. Once the camera is jittering, exit first person mode and immediately run backwards out of the door zone. If done correctly, the camera will remain at the same angle, and will not rotate around Link as he moves.


The camera will become stuck in place with the following exceptions:

  • Entering a zone that modifies the camera will modify the camera as usual, breaking the lock.
  • Entering water will break the lock. No superswimming here.
  • Z-Targeting will rotate the camera behind Link as usual. However, when you release Z, the camera will return to its locked angle.

This camera lock has no known uses at this time.

Last updated 04/16/2018 – indykenobi