Majora's Mask - Any%

1:39:54 by FFerraz1 (69th place)

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SUB 1:40!

Breakdown split by split (mostly for myself)

Ocarina: fair HMS, bad movement made me slightly late. Rupee RNG was bad as well.

Sonata: a bunch of stupid stuff cost me time. Failed songs 4 times, grabbed the ledge near the chest 3 times for no reason, failed ocarina dive, buffered sonata ISG. Did not fail hovers though.

Bottle: slow superslide because of bonk and need to realign. Skipped HESS. Rest was fine.

Zora Mask: I tried changing my superslides so that I hold forward during the A-presses but it didn't work at all. Still need to find a consistent strat for doing them in the snow. Because of the bad camera angle, I could not push Mikau for the life of me. On top of that, failed dupes twice. Nearly a minute lost here.

Hookshot: failed superslides twice. Grabbed fence. Slow beehive and tank. All minor time losses.

Pirate's Fortress: I usually suck here so this time it was good. Took it slow for the little awkward jump. Slow OI.

Bossa Nova: slow OI as well. ESS position was off the entire day.

Gyorg: had to get 50 rupee chest. Some extra buffers in TCS but I did get it, which is still rare for me. Have not learned PCS yet. Fight went fine, still not getting the triple hit.

Bow: failed song once. Played a solo in the bomb shop. Had to do a jumpslash before lizard fight. The fight itself went bad. All small time losses.

Odolwa: my zora clips are still slow, and no Zora ocarina dive. Main time loss though was in the fight. I activated the textbox before quitting bow, so I had to slash my sword and lost my jumpslash damage. On top of that, missed first cycle and got flower trolled on the second cycle.

Lullaby Skip: golded! Everything went the way it should. Still buffering the gainer because I hate it. Took my time with the superslide so that I got the proper angle and timing. Good RNG with first try wind and almost grabbed an arrow drop too.

Fire Arrows: still not going for action swap because I cannot get scarecrow skip fast. The rest was pretty good. Had to go down for a bomb drop and the weirdshot was slow.

Goht: almost fell off at the beginning. BK skip did not troll me this time. Shot a bit too fast at Goht but it did not cause me any problems.

Light Arrows: good time stop. Missed one weirdshot and buffered another one very slowly. Still not doing death warp because I don't trust myself. Garo Master was badly played, cost me two cycles.

Hi Twinmold: everything was good. Need a better strat for the updraft room, and a way to not have to jumpslash into the area where you do the BK skip.

Bye Twinmold: fight was horrible as always. I should have killed Blue several arrows earlier. Missed all light arrows on Red. He kept spawning close to me as well and giving me short cycles. Missed my three last shots, I don't even know how. So I took him out with a bomb. The clutchest of clutches. Still lost a bunch of time.

Oath To Order: first try bombs. Screwed myself by having a first hover that was too fast. Had to go get the dog again, and picked up the heart piece in the process. Missed ISG, almost screwed myself over again, and had a slow retarget.

Majora: no superslide because no bombs. Mask dodged my first fins so quickly, but I got him before he could attack. Incarnation continues to not run into me. Did play her well though. Wrath just destroyed me after she got away. Had to use fairy, missed two attempts to kill her because of myself and spinners. Doesn't matter, sub 1:40.