Ocarina of Time - No Wrong Warp

1:53:12 by Haytham32 (165th place)

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Finally I got sub2!!!. I finally did the Bottle on b quick methed and 2nd try Gerudo vally megaflip and I also kept the master sword on the final boss. But I haven't done Hess and I had a really bad super slide and a bad owl skip and I died and had a gameover and I had to do bottle on b quick draw again. So I did lose time but hay someday I will get a world record... Well Mabey And I also did the pressure jump in lost woods Whitch saved time so yay.but I will need to practice Hess sometime and I will be practicing the pressure jump as well but other then that I can't wait to do another run at Friday so I will have time to practice some tricks before Friday.

Well that's all the news I have and again I'm so happy about getting sub2.