Ocarina of Time - Any%

0:21:31 by Retro (124th place)

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I just got void warp off the first rock in my PB and I am so happy with this!
Screenshot: http://gyazo.com/733e8c3691fe1e3f2528a6e7e8a2bd5e
From now on I am definitely going to start recording my runs!
To improve:
Escape - Small movement tweaks and skaters escape setup
Kakarico - Do the 4 sec faster WESS
Bottle - I havent practiced cuccos much so im not that good at them. I should invest a bit of time practicing cuccos and I can save some time here
Enter Deku Tree - Small movement tweaks
Ganondoor - 3 sec faster b1 skip with skulltula hovering, gohma clip (I have learned GC, I can start putting it in runs now), really fast 2-3-1, faster Wrong Warp setup (I have practiced this and have got it about 10-15 times but I need to practice it a bit more)
Collapse - Do the pause buffering a little faster for Void Warp.
Ganon - I got first try ISG on both phases. However, I think I can hit Ganon slightly faster and save 3-5 seconds.