Windy B

This glitch allows you to use Farore's Wind anywhere. You cannot have won Epona off Ingo yet.


  1. Drop the master sword with a bottle on B
  2. Go back in time and make sure you have exactly 13 Deku Nuts; then equip a Bottled Fish to C-right and go forward in time. (You can use the amount of something other than Deku Nuts if you know how).
  3. You'll now have Farore's Wind on B. Set a warp point somewhere.
  4. Go to Lon-Lon Ranch.
  5. Pay for a minute of horse riding and once it starts use Farore's Wind and warp to the point you set earlier.

You can now use Farore's Wind anywhere. However, all C-items are disabled except for the Ocarina, and songs played on it won't do anything. Performing some actions, such as swimming or climbing a ladder, will disable the B button. To return the game state to normal simply return to Lon-Lon Ranch during the day.

Without Bottle Adventure

This can also be done with Restricted Items to warp away instead of Bottle Adventure. First, set farore's wind in a dungeon or use Restricted Items to set it elsewhere. Next, have a Dimmed Blank B button and go to the Ranch before stealing epona. Pay for a minute of horse riding and once it starts make sure you have ocarina on a C-Button. Get on a horse, then equip Farore's Wind over the button ocarina was on. You should now be able to use that C-Button to warp away with Farore's Wind. This method does not allow Farore's Wind anywhere.

Kiddy Capers

This glitch allows you to put bombchus and the fairy slingshot on B as a child.

  1. Do the Windy B glitch.
  2. Travel back in time.
  3. Go to either the Shooting Gallery or the Bombchu Bowling Alley and pay to play.

Once the game ends you'll have the Slingshot/Bombchus on B. If you bring up the subscreens (pause) the B button will return to its normal state (Kokiri Sword).

Last updated 01/30/2018 – Rosewater0