Shield Turn

Trick Description

A Shield Turn is a very simple technique that allows Link, as Human, Goron or Zora, to rotate quickly without moving at all. This is also possible using ESS position, however, it is slower and harder to get consistently. Shield turns can be used for tricks that require a very precise setup and where moving the slightest amount when trying to turn would result in the trick not working.


  1. Hold R without holding Z to shield
  2. Hold a direction on the control stick
  3. Release R
  4. A short time after, hold R again


  • Shield Turning as Deku actually moves Link around the centre of rotation, changing his position. This is useful for Reverse Octo Skip where you want Link to be as close to the ledge as possible in preparation for a Long Jump
Last updated 06/22/2016 – Gigopler