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Any% RTA (Japanese)

Written by Kaztalek

A more detailed version of this route can be found here.
Note: Cycle 4 is not yet updated in the detailed version. (2/25/2015)

Cycle 1

bombs chus rupees equips
hms skip
grandma stories
stray fairy
escape to termina
rupees from bushes r90
deposit rupees r0
clock tower
song of time

Cycle 2

ect silver rupee chest r99
buy bomb bag and chus b20 r10 r9
hidden owl hover b18 c1
sodt storage c0
withdraw rupees r99
use storage entering bomb shop
buy 20 chus c20 r19
enter great bay gossips grotto b17
gwe to deku palace b13 c2
fence/platform hover b11 c0
sonata of awakening
song of soaring
reverse octo skip b10
blue rupees and beehive rupee r49
get stick and nut
red potion
soar to mountain village
bomb drop, break stick, use nut b13
ess dupe (stick/nut/chu)
to goron village b11
soar to great bay
Zora mask b10
to pirate's fortress b9
hover gap b5
hookshot b3
pirate's fortress eggs r69
soar to great bay
deposit eggs
pinnacle rock eggs
soar to great bay
new wave bossa nova
turtle cutscene skip b8
pirate cutscene skip
gbt bk skip
gyorg's remains
soar to clock town
buy 20 chus c20 r0
soar to woodfall
enter woodfall
hero's bow
sot storage
wft bk skip b4 c0
odolwa's remains

Cycle 3

ect silver rupee chest r99
buy 10 bombs and 20 chus b10 c20 r0
soar to woodfall
get a deku stick
fly to fairy fountain
ffwe to snowhead b9 c12
lullaby skip b6 c10
enter snowhead b11
weirdshot to wizrobe (arrow drop) b8
fire arrow
to the top b6 c4
sot storage c3
hover to boss door b5 c0
sht bk skip b4
goht's remains

Cycle 4

soar to stone tower
bomb drop, timestop across gap b5
sunblock clip b4
small key
weirdshot to nejiron, 1 bomb drop b8
weirdshot to garo master b7
light arrows
deathwarp to entrance b6
invert stone tower temple b5
sot storage
shoot sunblock
eyegore b1
weirdshot to beamos (item drops) b5
stt bk skip b4
twinmold's remains

Cycle 5

termnia field
stick from baba, bomb drop from bushes b5
clock tower hover b1
oath to order
majora b0

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