Any% RTA (English)

Written by Jimmie1717

Equips use the first 3 letters of the item/mask name.
Items are in lowercase.
Masks are in UPPERCASE.

Cycle 1

bombs chus wallet (bank) equips time
hms skip
grandma stories
stray fairy
escape to termina
rupees from bushes r60
deposit rupees r0 (60+)
clock tower
song of time

Cycle 2

ect silver rupee chest r99 (60+)
buy bomb bag and chus b20 c10 r9 (60+)
hidden owl hover b19 c0
void out
withdraw rupees r69+ (0)
buy 20 chus c20 r0+
timestop to swamp b16
mystery woods b15
red potion b14
octo skip b13 r10+
song of soaring
sodt before deku palace
sonata of awakening b12
soar to mountain village
to goron village b15
soar to woodfall
hero's bow b12
bk skip (isg slide/hess or recoilflip)
odolwa's remains b9 c0
shop bottle dupe (stick/nut/deku mask) r90+
buy 20 chus c20 r10+
soar to great bay
zora mask
hookshot b5
pf eggs
deposit eggs
pr eggs
new wave bossa nova
turtle cutscene skip b10
bk skip b8
gyorg's remains b7
to fairy fountain b11
ffwe to snowhead b10 c11
lullaby skip b8
enter snowhead b13
fire arrows b10
sot storage b9 c4
goht's remains b7 c1

Cycle 3

ect silver rupee chest r99
buy 10 bombs and 20 chus b10 c20 r0
soar to stone tower
timestop across gap b15
sunblock clip b14
garo master b12
light arrows
soar to entrance
invert stone tower temple b11
sideways long jump b10
sot storage
bk skip b0+ c0+
twinmold's remains

Cycle 4

termina field
bomb drop from bushes b5
clock tower hover b1
oath to order
majora b0 nut ZOR lig

Last updated 02/26/2015 – Jimmie1717