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Gameplay Optimization

Practice makes perfect

When it comes to speedruns, mastering all the tricks and being consistent is going to take you pretty far. However, in every game there might be subtle things that can save time in the course of the run. They might not be very well documented, or they become apparent after playing the game for some time. Anatomyz has put together a video on some of the little timesavers that are widely used in general gameplay throughout any speedrun of Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask Optimization Tutorial

by Anatomyz

The video consists of:

  • Advancing through textboxes (1:24)
  • Gameplay Basics (9:20)
  • Item Equips (10:20)
  • Movement Basics (11:40)
  • Using the camera in MM (12:20)
  • Advanced Movement Tech (13:45)
  • Quickdrawing (17:30)
  • Aiming (20:50)
  • Misc. Timesavers (22:30)

Detailed Textbox Mashing Breakdown

by Rylie

This spreadsheet shows the length of each textbox on each version of the game, the type of textbox, and the optimal mashing strategy.

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