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In some dungeons, it is possible to move between certain floors without having to use a "loading transition" like a staircase. Sometimes you can fall from one room to the one below, some other times you can use a block elevator, or even big springs. They are:

  • Tower Of Hera
  • Thieves' Hideout
  • Ice Ruins
  • Lorule Castle

The way the game loads rooms and floors in those dungeons is different from the other ones. If you're standing on an elevated area in a room and use the Tornado Rod, Link will gain enough height to be "considered as being in the floor above", but the game will not actually load the floor. That means, when Link falls back down after using the Tornado Rod, he will simply land back where he started.

However, by taking damage while Link is at a high enough point to be considered on the next floor, it is possible to trick the game into thinking you're actually on that floor and it will load it for you. The most convenient method of taking damage is by using a bomb explosion.

How To

  1. Find an area with enough elevation. Even better if there is a slightly lower location right next to it. (Ex: A raisable red/blue wall that you will raise)
  2. Place a bomb at this location and move a bit closer to it. If it's on a raisable wall (or something similar), raise the wall and stand next to it on the lower ground.
  3. Use the Tornado Rod at the correct moment. †
  4. If done correctly, Link will start his Tornado Rod elevation, but will get damaged by the bomb just before he gets out of the explosion range. If that elevation was high enough, the game will load the floor above and Link will land on it.

† The timing is very precise and takes a long time to get down. If you're using a raisable wall and standing next to it on lower ground, the correct time to use the Tornado Rod seems to be soon after the 4th red flash.

Current Known Uses

Last updated 09/18/2016 – Weegeechan