Treasure Dungeons


Treasure Dungeons are small, self-contained challenge areas in the game designed to focus specifically on a certain game mechanic, and reward the player with large amounts of rupees for completing the challenge.

ALBW Treasure Dungeons

Cucco Dungeon

ALBW Cucco TDungeon

Recommended Items: None

Total Rupees: 185

Flippers Dungeon

ALBW Flippers TDungeon

Recommended Items: Flippers, Hookshot, Bombs

Total Rupees: 150

See also: Completing this dungeon without Flippers

Hookshot Dungeon

ALBW Hookshot TDungeon

Recommended Items: Hookshot, Tornado Rod

Total Rupees: 100 + ???

Merge Dungeon

ALBW Merge TDungeon

Recommended Items: Ravio's Bracelet

Total Rupees: 100

Pegasus Boots Dungeon

ALBW Boots TDungeon

Recommended Items: Pegasus Boots, Tornado Rod

Total Rupees: 300

Sand Rod Dungeon

ALBW SRod TDungeon

Recommended Items: Sand Rod

Total Rupees: 300

Tornado Rod Dungeon

ALBW TRod TDungeon

Recommended Items: Tornado Rod

Total Rupees: 100 + ???


  • The 5 Treasure Dungeons in Hyrule all contain Silver Rupees as the reward while the 2 in Lorule both offer Gold Rupees.
  • Treasure Dungeons are considered complete when you collect the Silver or Gold Rupee in the dungeon, as evidenced by the Treasure Hunter leaving the dungeon on subsequent visits. The other rupees do not matter.
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