Cutscene Dying

Discovered By Viskiv

This trick currently has no practical use in a speedrun


It is possible to die while entering a cutscene trigger by using a bomb or enemy to push you. This causes some oddities depending on what cutscene you died in. Cutscenes may become glitched visually or skip text. It's not actually worth doing in a speedrun though as dying causes you to lose all your items.

NOTE: Using a fairy to revive yourself in a cutscene trigger cancels the glitch and the scene plays normally.

Glitched Ravio Cutscene

How to

  1. Get your health low enough so you can be killed in one hit.
  2. Get close to a cutscene trigger (loading zone,door,etc.)
  3. Get hit by either a bomb or enemy into the trigger.


Although not useful in a speedrun due to the loss of your items, this still skips a few things. The following skips are the only known timesavers:

  • Spear Boy's text in Thieves' Hideout
  • Pendant of Courage cutscene after Eastern Palace (This one can softlock your game, after you've gotten the Master Sword, if you enter the bridge near Hyrule Castle's gate from its south end . At that point, to trigger the cutscene of Sahasrahla giving you the Pendant of Courage (which is required to continue on with the story) without softlocking the game, you must trigger the cutscene by entering the bridge from its north end.).
Last updated 05/04/2021 – LemonKong