Damage Boosting

Method 1

Discovered by fluffy_kitten

Place a bomb either in front of, or behind yourself and face a ledge that is normally too high to reach. Pull out your sword and jumpslash when the bomb's flashing speed, as well as its radius, increases.

Method 2

Discovered by ?

This method is slightly more difficult than method 1, but can be a lot more useful. Get near a ledge and pull out a bomb. As it's flashing speed begins to increase, jump off of the ledge and at the height of your jump pull out the deku leaf. If done correctly, you should glide for a few seconds before gaining a boost off of the bomb's explosion and reaching your destined ledge. This can be done, to reach some ledges, without the aid of the deku leaf.

Last updated 08/02/2011 – Razor7581