Dins Pearl(Beginner)


  • Timing Starts on new file creation.
    • Timing Ends once you enter the warp at the end of Dragon Roost Cavern


This is the first place you will be at

  • Once you finish mashing through the text, turn away from Aryll and sidehop off of the watchtower towards Grandma's House.

  • Continue towards Grandma's House(rolling)

  • Climb ladder and talk to Grandma to receive the Hero's Cloths.

  • After talking to Grandma and receiving the cloths, savewarp out(Start, mash A and then hold X, B and Start together for ~2s-3s)

  • Reenter your file, hold down and start climbing the ladder, enter the Aryll cutscene to receive the Telescope.

  • Once finished equip the telescope on whatever preferenced button you wish, zoom in on Quill(next to the mailbox), hold down on both the control stick and the c-stick until the cutscene starts.

  • Once the cutscene is over, mash through Aryll's text(alternate A+B) turn slightly left, and sidehop off the tower once again.

  • Swim and then roll towards Orca's house.

  • Once you enter, roll once to talk to Orca and initiate the "fight".

  • The first combo he wants you to do is solely pressing B, walk forward(a few steps) and press B, then press B, B and immedietely after hold down until you hit Orca, then switch to hold up until the end of that phase.

  • The next phase is Vertical Slash, so hold L and press B together. Do this phase the same as the first phase.

  • The third phase is the "stab" perform this attack by tapping forward, pressing B all while holding L. Finish this phase the same as the others.

  • Next phase is the "spin attack" you can perform this with spinning the control stick in any direction(but it needs to be 360°) then after press B. This phase requires two spin attacks to complete.

  • This phase is the "Parry" phase, this is a bit of a tricky/finicky phase because during this phase you can lose ~3s-4s depending on a trick called "Quick Parry" which lets the second parry come immedietely after the first. Perform this by initiating the first parry on the first 2 frames that you can parry.

  • Lastly the final phase is the jump attack, perform this by holding L and pressing A. You can save 3 frames by performing a sidehop and then jump attacking out of the sidehop as soon as possible.

  • Finish up by talking to Orca and Receive the Hero's Sword savewarp out.

  • Reenter your file, and roll up the dock and then up the hill towards Forest of Fairies.

  • Once the cutscene is over, roll towards the right and around the corner, jump off the ledge and as your landing aim for the middle of the log in front of you. Hold L and quickspin(L + 360° control stick spin and press B) to get the red rupee inside of the log, sidehop left to start the Bokoblin cutscene.

  • Head over to the stump, climb up and jump to the ledge, as you come closer to the sideways tree cut the grass in front of it with a couple of quickspins to collect rupees.

  • Sidehop or Roll up the log to enter the next fight area(two bokoblins) defeat the bokoblins and save Tetra.

  • Lots of cutscenes

  • Once the cutscenes conclude, head towards your left back to Grandma's House.

  • Once entered, climb the ladder, backflip off and initiate the cutscene with Grandma to receive the Hero's Shield.

  • Leave Grandma's house and head back to Tetra, talk to her and say yes to leave Outset.

Last updated 04/13/2017 – Bokoblins