Back in Time Glitch

Discovered by Mast3rlinkX

The Back In Time glitch (BiT) is a bizarre trick that allows you to respawn on the title screen map.

Quicksand or Lava Method

  1. Find some lava or quicksand and jump into it
  2. Wait until the line of lava or quicksand reaches about halfway between Link's wrist and his knuckles
  3. On the Wii version, press the Home button on the Wiimote, and select Reset. On the GameCube version press the Reset Button.

Over a Void Method

  1. Find a void to jump into, and make sure there isn't any solid ground that you might pass over or touch down on.
  2. Hit reset.
  3. If done right you should be able to see Link's arms just start to raise up as the screen turns black.


  • Make sure that you're not jumping over or near anything solid, since this can alter the proper timing for the reset.
  • If playing the Gamecube version, it's easier if you hold down on the Reset button on the Wii/Gamecube and release it, instead of pushing the reset button.
  • You can also reset the GameCube version by holding down on Start + B + X. However, it takes about a second for the reset to register.
  • Do a Jump Attack into the void, and press D-Up to open your inventory screen as Link draws his sword back. If the sword is horizontal with the screen, Hold down on X, then Start, then B.


When done correctly, you will respawn in the title screen map (a stripped down version of Eldin Bridge that lacks loading triggers). Pressing start will cause the title screen logo to pop open, and on the Wii version pressing other buttons will sometimes crash the game. If you jump into the void, you will gain normal control of Link. You can save here to create the Back in Time Game File. If you get Gameover and continue, you'll respawn at the first King Bublin fight. Unfortunately, due to the Back in Time Save effect, Kakariko will be covered in Twilight after you beat King Bublin, and due to the fact that you are totally itemless, it's impossible to continue the game.

Any% Speedrun Use

If you do the Back in Time Glitch at the very beginning of the game and save, you can save about five minutes. See Back in Time Save page for more information.

Consistent BiT at Ordon Bridge

There is a consistent set-up for BiT at Ordon Bridge which involves pressing D-right and A at the same time which uses the map to buffer.

1) Hang off the edge shown in the video between the two ropes

2) Press D-Right and A at the same time (alternatively you can unplug your controller, hold D-right and A then plug it back in, this assures they are both pressed on the same frame)

3) You will see Link drop a frame and the map come up, zoom out once so next time you press B it will cancel the map

4) Soft Reset by pressing Start+X+B (making sure B was pressed last)

Last updated 10/21/2014 – Devil6Lair